I Am Queen: Royal Hair + Beauty Tips For the Queen In You… WHICH QUEEN ARE YOU?


The act of tastefully embracing your individuality; leading by example, living as a muse; an advocate of limitless possibilities.


A queen is what every woman strives to be, and the ultimate goal is to embody the definition of “queenin’”. As women, we demand power, respect, love, and BEAUTY; and what makes us feel more beautiful than our hair? The power is in the crown! This is exactly what IAmQueen royal hair extension line personifies with its variation of luxurious, African-American hair textures.

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Currently, this line offers five beautiful queens to choose from in making a decision for your royal image: Candace, Yemaya, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, and Sheba. In the coming months, there will be new queens added!

All of these women are reflections of empowerment and beauty, providing unmatched inspiration for melanated queens all over the world!



What’s the story behind the brand and company name?

There are two beautiful queens that are the brains behind this brand, Christia Brown + Astoria Stubbs.

Christia Brown is a Detroit, MI native that attended Jackson State University. She was very active on campus as president of the American Marketing Association, involved in community service projects for building low-self in other women. Those things are what sparked her passion to create a brand that uplifts, supports, and unifies women everywhere; shattering society’s perceptions of beauty and creating personal standards that promote self-love and acceptance.

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Astoria Stubbs, who is also a proud Jackson State University alumni, drew her inspiration from her mother whose name is Queen. She feels empowered to have been raised by a woman who embodied the ideals of a true queen and wants to empower other women to feel that same way. She is also a very experienced hairstylist based out of Houston, TX where she currently resides.

How does the hair look and feel? What’s the quality?

The hair extensions are soft, luxurious, and full of body. They are top quality, Grade 7a virgin (unprocessed) hair. The textures include curly, straight, deep wave, loose wave, and kinky curly from exotic ethnic backgrounds such as Peruvian, Monogolian, Malaysian and Brazilian. You’ll find that this hair can be styled, cut, colored, and blended to match most African-American hair textures.


How long will the hair last?

The hair extensions will last between 1-2 years. The key is learning how to take care of the hair properly in order to extend the lifetime. IAmQueen does provide hair care tips every Tuesday on the company’s Instagram (@theiamqueenhair) and Facebook (Theiamqueen) pages; so follow and friend them so you won’t miss out!

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What about promotions, events, or special offers?

Of course IAmQueen has ways to extend thanks to their royal family by providing extras! Currently, there are discount codes, free shipping (on certain orders), and bundle deals to take advantage of. If you haven’t already followed and friended the social media pages (IG: @theiamqueen/ FB: Theiamqueen) OR checked out the website at; there is where you will find information about special offers and upcoming events.


Are there opportunities for entrepreneurship? Can you join the company?

Yes! IAmQueen does have opportunities for you to become a hair distributor if you so desire. Please email inquiries to to begin your “hairtrapraneur” journey!
Now that you’ve gotten your lesson on queenin’ from The IAmQueen royal hair extension line, we hope to have you join the family! Whether you express your queendom by beauty, leadership, or knowledge; we are here to fulfill your needs!




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