NO MAYO Make Shift Gallery FREE Event: “How Much Does 10000 Hours Cost?” (Brooklyn, NY)‏

Brooklyn, New York (May 8, 2016)
Yo! If you’re pretty artsy, you know… one of the cool kids + livin’ in the NYC area, then this is for you.
I’d like to introduce to you to my newest client, triple talented + creative clothing brand, NO MAYO. Based in Brooklyn, New York, NO MAYO is an experiential brand that creates things to inspire creating. Through their art, the team aims to enlighten others to express theirs.
On Thursday, May 12, 2016, NO MAYO will be hosting a dope, highly anticipated Make Shift Gallery Event: “How Much Does 10000 Hours Cost?”  This is the second go at their gallery concept and they’re hype to invite locals, media, artists, creatives + more to find out just how much 10,000 hours costs. Did I mention that it’s… FREE?
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If you’re not familiar with the 10,000 hour rule Malcolm Gladwell made famous, it states: There are not really any born geniuses or outliers. Success is simply left up to grit. For those that hustle for their place. NO MAYO took Gladwell’s concept and made some amazing things around it. Join the team for a night of paying dues in the best way + seeing the wealth of creativity that comes from thousands of hours.

Stated by the brand’s creator, “This event is focused around an artist’s process in creating and putting in the physical time to be great. The message is of a confident voice for the timid creative to preach their value as gospel. It’s a special thing.”

Featured artists for the event include a performance by Brooklyn based rapper Latasha Alcindoraccompanied by Nikarra Warren on vibes, J. Lufair with visual effects, Zahyr Lauren’s artwork, and a comedy set by T. Wise! Guests + Media are asked to RSVP to: for the location (or) can RSVP directly to:
With plans to expand their brand all over the U.S., their motivation + drive alone has gifted them to be well on their way. Just over the past 3 months, NO MAYO has hosted a LEGO drive for kindergarten students in Harlem, NY, an art project called 2 Things, and a collabo capsule collection with Haitian born rapper + artist, Wyclef Jean.
In any case that you’re in the NYC area on May 12, we’d love to host you + see you there! NO MAY creator, Kiesh will also be available for interviews on site during the event. She went on to say, I’m mostly looking forward to creating a space where people can ebb + flow between things that resonate and things that are new.” Let me know if you’d be interested in interviewing her and I’ll be happy to arrange and set that up!
For more information, please feel free to connect with them via cyberspace:
Facebook | @nomayousa
Instagram | @NOMAYO


For all media inquiries, including additional high-res images + more information, please contact Char Holbrook of PSLoveCharliPR at

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