Health + Wellness Buzzwords: A Quick Reference Guide

The internet age has brought about an explosion in the wellness industry. In fact, the wellness trend owes its popularity to bloggers, who spread the good word and allowed traditional media to catch on.

It’s a given that we all want to eat well, live well and feel good. It’s this basic principle that wellness relies on; the innate desire to make ourselves the best we can be. When you are first dipping your toe into the world of wellness, however, it can be overwhelming. It’s new words to learn, shorthand and acronyms to grasp, and the whole while you’re wondering if it’s actually going to be useful.

Well, never fear. Below we’ll cover the most commonly used words and discuss whether they are beneficial. There’s also some recommendations, so if you decide to go ahead, you don’t need to go hunting around for supplies.


Before we discuss being anti them, a quick word on what oxidants are. These are particles that occur in your body, as a byproduct of your immune system. You can also pick them up in the environment, or through food. In a sensible measure they’re beneficial, but throw the balance out of whack – which is incredibly easy to do – and they cause problems. Potentially serious problems, such as heart disease and cancers. Antioxidants are linked to helping avoid these.

So Antioxidants are a group of chemicals that help soak up the excess. This isn’t just a buzzword; it’s recognized scientific fact. Foods and supplements high in antioxidants include blackberries, tomatoes, hemp extract, and blueberries.


Organic farming means that no pesticides have been used. There is a huge amount of debate on whether this produces better, healthier options. The verdict is still out on this one regarding health, but consider organic for the environmental benefits. For example, less pesticide use helps bees, a vital part of our ecosystem that is dying out.

Grass Fed

Used to describe meat, this is one to look out for. The name is pretty explanatory; the animals have only eaten grass, not grain or feed mix. It also tends to mean they have not had antibiotics for growth-only reasons, an alarming culture that is doing real harm. Go grass fed wherever possible.


The word “superfood” is not protected. If someone making a cake with over 2,000 calories and a recommended weekly allowance of salt and sugar wanted to call it a superfood, they could. Avoid anything with this claim that does not explain what makes it so super. For example, there is little research to support the weight loss claims of popular Superfoods Goji or Acai berries. Just be discerning and only eat something if you either like it, or know it to be nutritionally beneficial.

Whole Foods

Again, there’s no strict definition of this. The word “whole” began to be associated with a good thing regarding grains and has now become ubiquitous. Ignore it for anything other than items such as wheat, cereal, and quinoa – the only areas where the whole grain actually means something.

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