Beauty + Style | New Season, New Hair Inspo!

The new season is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to go for a new hairstyle or color. Some people like to stick with the same color and style for years, but changing it up keeps things fun and interesting. You should never be scared to go for a new do – after all, colors can be corrected, and mistakes can be fixed. Plus, hair grows! Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next style:

Auburn/Red/Warm Peach/Bronze/Copper

During fall, red becomes a very popular color. Maybe it’s because of the color of the fallen leaves, pumpkins, chestnuts, and the other lovely things we associate with it! The good news is, if you love red hair, there’s a shade to suit all skintones. You just need to have a chat with your hairdresser to find the right one for you. The right one will make you look alive, and make your eyes pop! Auburns, bright reds, warm peach colors and copper colors are going to be very popular. Not only that, the new trend ‘ronze’ is taking hairdressers by storm. It’s a mix of red and bronze, perfect for brunettes who just want a hint of red. People like Rihanna are loving this hair trend!

The New Ombre

The new ombre is a great trend to try if you want something a little different. Many people are going for a dark root with a pastel finish. Some are even going for two different shades of red/pink! This season it’s all about getting creative, especially with warm colors.

Rainbow Fringe

If you’ve got a fringe or you’re thinking of getting a fringe, why not go one step further? The rainbow fringe is all the rage! All you need to do is choose a pastel color you love the look of, and saturate your fringe in it. You can leave a little root at the top so it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of your hair. If you’re not brave enough to do this on your own, a good mobile hairdresser should be able to help you.

Subtle DipDye

If you want to try a cool dip dye but you don’t want to go OTT or look too out there, this season is the perfect time to try it. In fact, the subtle dip dye is more on trend than the regular dip dye. You could even go for a color like pink or blue, like GiGi Hadid did recently!

Smoky Lilac/Silver

Finally, smoky lilac and silver can be found all over Instagram. This hair trend is perfect for ladies with longer hair. You tend to have a darker root, gently fading into a pretty lilac or silver shade. It’s not warm like most of the suggestions, but it’s very ethereal and perfect for colder months. Try it if you dare!

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a very gentle, warm pink. Similar to smoky lilac, it’s warmer and suits just about any skin tone.

Which hair trend will you go for this season?

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