Time To Check In With The Doc — Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

More and more of us are working hard to live right. We’ve quit the bad habits. We’re curbing the chocolate and sidestepping sugar. It’s not easy, but every little victory goes a long way to healthy living success. But even when you’re at the gym twice a week and sipping alcohol-free cocktails at weekends, things can go wrong with our bodies. Here are just some of the health alarms you simply shouldn’t ignore:

Double Vision

You can get double vision for a lot of reasons, but none of them is a good sign. It can be caused by a neurological problem. Or it might simply be a trapped nerve. Whether it’s a problem with your eye movement or something going on in your brain, you shouldn’t leave it. When your vision is impaired, you can’t drive safely, and you may struggle to read comfortably. Corrective glasses can help temporarily, but your depth perception may still not be right. Get to the doctor and get it fixed. 

Pelvic Pain

When you have pelvic pain that continues past your monthly cycle, it could be a sign of a big problem. If you’ve missed your period, it may be possible you’re pregnant, but that pain is not a normal part of pregnancy. Pelvic inflammation can be a sign of damage to the pelvis from an accident. It could be one of the symptoms of an STD. All the causes of pelvic pain need to be investigated as they could quickly lead to infertility or severe pain.

Chest Pain

Most chest pain can be put down to indigestion or a workout strain. But there are many healthy people that suffer heart attacks each year. If you have a peculiar sensation in the left arm as well as chest pain, consult a doctor immediately. If it hurts to breathe in or out, the chest pain may be a symptom of a lung disorder such as pneumonia. If you can’t catch your breath, dial the emergency services.


If you have an unexplained bruise, this can be quite worrying. But if it is spreading and doesn’t feel like a bruise, this can be bleeding that you can’t control. Blood thinners can cause this so your doctor may need to adjust the dose urgently. Venom from poisonous spiders can also look like a spreading bruise. Call for help to come to you if you think you have been bitten by something and keep the area raised.

Flashes Of Light

For those of us that suffer migraines, the odd flash of light is a common symptom of the onset of a migraine. But if you don’t get migraines, or the flash looks different this time, seek medical help. This can be a symptom of a detached retina. Permanent damage to your vision could occur without medical attention in this case.

It’s awful feeling unwell. Most of us just carry on if we can. But there are several conditions with warning symptoms that must be treated quickly. If you feel unwell or worried, contact your doctor.

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