Unsure Your Partner Is The One? Here’s 3 Signs They Are

When we are old enough to start dating many of use set out on a mission to find the one. This is the person that is perfect for us in every way. So we enter relationships in the hope that this wonderful person will be the one you’ve been searching for. It’s said that when you know, you’ve met the one for you, you just know. But what if you don’t? While many people know almost instantly, for others it can be hard to tell. This is often because many of us have high expectations of what meeting the right person will be like. Romantic films and books are often to blame for this. Unfortunately, this can lead you to question whether the person you are with is worth your time and effort. This can lead to unnecessary tension, and your relationship could begin to struggle.

Setting standards that are too high could mean that nobody lives up to your vision of what true love should be. It can also make it easy to miss the incredible person who is right in front of you. So if you’re unsure that your partner is the one, here are some signs that could make things seem clearer.

You’re extremely compatible

If you and your partner share the same views, interests and opinions, this makes you extremely compatible. You might enjoy the same movies or hobbies. Both of you may dislike a certain style of food or have the same strong political views. Even your temperament and style may be similar. When you share so many things in common, it makes it easier to talk to each other. You’ll also enjoy the same activities, which makes you excited to spend time with them. If this sounds familiar, perhaps they are the one after all.

However, even if you aren’t similar people this doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t compatible. The saying goes that opposites attract and nothing could be truer. Many couples don’t share the same interests or have the same temperaments. But still, their relationships seems to work regardless. This is because their differences makes things exciting and what one person lacks the other makes up for. So even if you don’t think you are the same kind of person, there is still no reason why they can’t be the one for you. Look for astrological love compatibility online or take a compatibility test for even more proof that you could be meant to be.

They always give you support

We all have times in our lives when we go through sad and challenging situations. Whether it’s the death of a loved one or the loss of your job, you obviously want your partner to support you. Otherwise getting through these dark times can seem even more overwhelming. You know your partner is the one when they make an effort to see if you are ok. They might come with you to the funeral or help you start looking for a better job. Just having them there can make the whole situation seem more manageable.

This also applies if your boyfriend or girlfriend provides you with support to improve yourself. You might be going for a promotion or returning to education to get a degree. Your perfect match will be the person who sits up late helping you revise for an exam. Or cooks you dinner while you prepare a presentation. This gives you what you need to be the best when it really counts.

You resolve issues quickly

Nobody is perfect and from time to time issues can arise. These can range from not cleaning up after themselves to forgetting to send an important bill. If you are with the wrong person, even the most minor issues can lead to big arguments that last for weeks. However, when you’re with the person you are meant to be with, these issues don’t seem to matter. You resolve them quickly and move onto more important things together. This is probably because neither of you wants to upset the other or start an argument over something so insignificant. Not only does this show a great deal of respect, but also shows that you love each others quirks. So if this sounds familiar, hang onto your partner because they clearly are a keeper.

Hopefully, these positive signs about your relationship will clear up any doubt you may be having. Don’t lose someone amazing because your love isn’t like a romantic film or exactly how you had imagined. Some people go through life without finding someone who makes the truly happy. So hold onto your partner and enjoy the knowledge that you no longer have.