Lifestyle + Life Coaching | Can You Really Learn To Love Your Body For What It Is?

You’ve probably seen your favorite celebrities bikini snaps on Instagram and found yourself amazed. Wondering how it’s possible to have such a perfect body. Their teeth are beautifully white, they don’t seem to have an inch of cellulite on them, and from every angle, they look gorgeous. You then compare your body to theirs and could reel off hundreds of things that you hate and wish you could change to achieve the ‘perfect’ body.

The truth is, the perfect body doesn’t exist. There isn’t one body shape and size that’s superior to all others. Just like we each have a unique face shape, our body sizes and shapes also differ. While some of us are built to be petite, others of us have larger frames. It might be normal to have a unique body shape, but that doesn’t stop many of us from wishing we could look like someone else. So much so, that one in three women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to transform her body.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery. Especially if you think it will give you the self-esteem boost that you need. However, before choosing to go under the knife, so to speak, it’s worth considering whether it’s possible to learn to love your body for what it is. A lot of us wonder if this is even possible or if cosmetic surgery is the only option for achieving a body we love and are proud of.

What’s the problem? The first thing to focus on is what you dislike about your body. This is important as there are some issues that can be fixed with lifestyle changes, and others that require the help of a surgeon.

Say, for instance; the problem is loose skin. You’ve lost weight and got healthy, but you still have loose skin that, try as you might, you cannot get rid of. In this instance, unless you’re going to learn to accept the loose skin, surgery is the only option.

However, if the problem is that you’re overweight, liposuction is not necessarily the answer. It’s best to attempt to lose weight naturally through healthy eating and exercising. And then, if that’s not successful, consider having a cosmetic procedure.

If the problem that’s causing you to dislike your body is something that you can change yourself, surgery isn’t necessary. You can make changes and learn to love your body for what it is. However, if the cause of your low self-esteem issues is something like small breasts, for instance, this isn’t as easily fixed. The only way to achieve breasts that are a size that makes you feel confident is through breast augmentation surgery.

Of course, just because you don’t like a feature on your body, such as your nose, that doesn’t mean you have to go under the knife. Take the time to consider whether changing that feature would actually enrich your life in any way. Or, if there’s another way you can feel better about yourself and your appearance.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t the answer for every body problem that you have. However, for some of us, it can vastly improve how we feel about ourselves.

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