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Unexpected Ways To Fight Aging That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before!

I’m always looking for ways to stop my skin aging. After all, I think we all long for young looking skin for as long as possible. And although there are some common ways to fight aging (a healthy diet and good moisturizer), I’m always looking for new ways to stay youthful. Here are some unexpected ways to fight aging that you might not have heard of before and are worth trying to keep our skin looking fabulous.

Add nuts to your daily diet

Eating a healthy diet is so important to keep a youthful complexion. But a lot of people don’t realize they should be adding nuts to their diet to beat aging. But studies have found that nuts are full of essential vitamins and anti-aging fats which will keep you looking great. And as well as being perfect for keeping your face youthful, they can help your body too. As we said previously, studies have found that people live longer if they have a diet which includes nuts! Therefore, add these to your daily diet for the sake of your health!

Get flossing

You wouldn’t associate flossing with anti-aging. But it’s an unexpected way to stay looking young. After all, flossing prevents gum disease which can attack the bones that support your teeth and the lower part of your face. It means your face can droop and look older as you age. Therefore, as this article explains, people who floss preserve the height of their bone and will look better as they age. So make sure you floss every day to fight aging. And if you hate the string floss (don’t we all), you could look at getting a water flosser which you can read more about on this post.

Have a glass of red wine every day

We all know that most alcoholic beverages can cause you to look older than your years. But a glass of wine could actually help you to look younger! It’s because red wine has resveratrol which is an anti-aging compound. Therefore, a glass of the tipple can keep you looking younger for longer. As well as this, red wine is ideal for battling pesky acne. So it really is a girl’s best friend!

Skip the straw in your glass

It might sound silly, but passing up a straw at the bar can help you to fight aging. After all, pursing your lips to drink from the straw can cause wrinkling. And these lines around your mouth can make your skin look worse as you age. Therefore, avoid drinking through a straw to keep aging lines away!

Don’t stay up past your bedtime

It’s hard for some people to get to bed early enough. But it’s so important that you do get enough sleep if you want to fight aging. After all, if you don’t get much kip, you will be yawning the next day. And this process causes swelling and puffiness around your eyes. And it can cause an acceleration of wrinkles around this area. Therefore, get enough sleep if you want to have youthful skin.

And remember to make sure you get glasses if you need them. Squinting as you can’t see can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, head to the opticians for some new specs!