Healthy Living | Detoxing 101: How To Survive Your Very First Detox

Have you been thinking about detoxing recently? There are loads of health reasons why you should seriously consider doing so. Firstly, it is a great way to lose some of the extra pounds that you might have put on over the Christmas period. Some studies also show that detoxing can help you reduce the symptoms of certain chronic diseases, as it can greatly boost your immune system.

However, even though lots of people are interested in the results that detoxing will bring, many people are worried that they won’t be able to get through the whole detox period. It’s true that you will have to give up a lot, which can be a big change from your current lifestyle. And some people find that these big changes are just too hard to keep up with.

Thankfully, though, all is not lost! There are certain tips and hacks you can follow that will make the whole detox process a lot easier for you to go through with. Ready to kick-start your health? Here is our detox 101, complete with everything you need to know to survive your very first detox!

Follow A Cleanse Program

If this is your very first attempt at detoxing, it could be a good idea to follow a cleanse program, such as the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse. As part of the program, you will be sent various snacks and mixes for shakes that you should eat in place of full meals. You will also be able to find some juice-based cleanse programs which will send you juices and smoothies. It’s a good idea to follow a program for your very first detox, as you can be sure that your body is getting all the necessary nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. Once you have done a few detoxes and know what you are doing, you will be able to try detoxing without a program, and tailor all your shakes, juices, and snacks to your individual tastes and needs.

Stay Well Hydrated

It is super important that you keep your liquid levels up as much as possible while you are on a detox. You just need to make sure that you are drinking the right liquids. Rather than drinking water straight out of the tap, buy some bottled water. Alternatively, you can always use a water filter to make sure that your tap water is totally pure. By drinking pure water, you will be reducing the chances of any toxins getting into your body from the tap water. If you get bored of so much water, start drinking green teas and hot lemon water. These drinks are especially good at flushing toxins from your body. The lemon in the hot water can even flush out toxins from your skin.


Reduce Stress

While you are detoxing, it is very important that you try and limit your stress. The main reason for this is that increased levels of stress may trigger cravings for unhealthy foods, such as sugary and fatty meals. Not only that, though, but high levels of stress will result in your body’s fight or flight response kicking in. Once this kicks in, our body stops carrying out certain functions so that it can concentrate on fighting the stress. As a result, your body will slow down its processes that are part of cleansing, digestion, and detoxing. While you are detoxing, it is a good idea to start exercising in ways that are known to combat stress, such as Yoga and Pilates. Don’t forget that relaxing is also good for your should as well, so don’t be worried about losing a few hours while chilling out in front of a movie on your sofa!

Focus On Cleansing Your Mind Too

When we detox, most of us focus solely on our bodies. We think that once we rid our bodies of all the toxins that have built up in our body, we will finally be healthy and our levels of energy will improve. However, that isn’t all. We also have to think about our mental health and how that impacts on our overall health. So, as you can see, it is also a good idea to cleanse and detox your mind of any stress and negative thoughts. Relaxing exercises such as Yoga and Pilates can greatly help you with this. You could also try practicing mindfulness. This is a form of meditation that focuses on breathing techniques. Once you have been following a mindfulness program for a few weeks, you will find that you can process all of your thoughts and feelings much better, and in ways that can prevent them from having a negative effect on your life.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Your body needs plenty of sleep, whether or not you are detoxing. It is important that you try and get between seven and nine hours each night. However, make sure that you don’t get more than nine hours, as this counts as oversleeping. If you do sleep too much one night, you will wake up feeling very groggy. You might even experience symptoms of jet lag! But it isn’t just about getting enough sleep that is important. You need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep that is of good enough quality. If you keep on waking up throughout the night, then the quality just isn’t good enough. There are certain ways you can improve your sleep patterns. Firstly, make sure that your bedroom is comfortable and has no distractions. Secondly, limit your use of laptops and smartphones in the couple of hours before bed as these can keep you awake. Once you improve your sleep, you will find that you don’t experience any cravings during your detox. Not only that, though, but your body will be able to flush out a lot more toxins while you are sleeping.

Detoxing won’t be easy, but it is certainly worth it. Once you have completed your very first one, you will find that all the rest are incredibly easy!

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