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4 Hair Trends That We’ll Be Seeing a Lot of In 2017

With a new year brings new styles and fashions, whether that is for the home or hair and makeup. Some styles will carry on from previous years, whereas we can see some new trends pop up from time to time. It is easy to spot some new trends during the current award season that we are having. Designers and stylists want to showcase the cream of their crop, and by dressing or styling celebrities, for all to see, it certainly makes a statement about what things are to come. So here are a few trends that have been spotted, that you’re sure to see all over for the rest of the year.

Super Sleek Long Hair

This year it is all about long hair; the longer, the better. But instead of embracing beachy waves as we might have in years past, it is going to be all about super sleek straight hair. So make sure that you have a hair straightener in that is up to the task. Team it with a center parting, slick it down, and you’re going to be right on trend.

High Ponytail

We’ve had high messy buns be a thing for quite a while. But this year you don’t have to go to all of that effort. Still, with the same height as the bun would have had, but you can just leave it as a ponytail. Slick the front of your hair back and then have your high pony drape your shoulders. Super sleek is a good look, as well as a bit of texture in the ponytail. It can even help to make your face look more lifted if it is pulled back tightly.

Chunky Braid

Braids are just getting bigger and better this year. There are many tutorials online for some crazy and wonderful braided styles, so make sure that you are up to scratch. It isn’t all about cute braids like you wore to school, though. Chunky and teased are the braids to be looking for. If you have quite fine hair, then it can be quite hard to achieve this look. So it might be worth going for some extensions or a clip in hairpiece to help add some texture. If you’re not sure what you should go for, you could online at somewhere like Then you can see the styles and colors available and what might work for you.


The past year we have seen lots of hues of grey and platinum in blonde hair styles. But this year, it is all about a much more subtle bronde. In some lights, in can look golden blonde, in others, it will look golden brown. The great thing about this color is that it can be achieved by brunettes and blondes alike. Jennifer Lopez is famous for her bronde hair, and even Cara Delevingne is channeling that look at the moment. To see some more celebrities that are embracing bronde, you could look at