Lifestyle | Sick Notes + Responsibilities: Your Health At Work

Many of us spend more time at our place of work that we do anywhere else, except maybe our beds! So why is it then that we seem to put health and wellbeing issues on the back burner in the work environment? Read on to find out more.

Sick Note

Sick notes are on of the most controversial thing you can come across in a work environment. They can be signed by doctors and specialists, but it doesn’t stop some employers questioning their accuracy or validity. Neither does it stop them questioning your usefulness or commitment to the role for which you were employed.

Yes, there are specific laws that protect folks that are ill and need time off of work, from discrimination and maltreatment. But it is a lucky person that finds an understanding employer when it comes to long-term health issues.

In some ways their reaction is understandable.  You are being paid for something that you aren’t doing, and they have to gather up the slack. That means paying someone else on top of your wage. Or getting someone that is already there to pick up the extra work.

The Bigger Picture

Maybe this is why there are so many people that don’t take time off to rest and recuperate that they actually need. Folks can be scared of being passed over for promotion, or even being seen as incapable in this high-pressure world.

But this really is a mistake both on the part of the employee and the employer. As forcing people to work when they should be recovering, especially from stress related conditions is very short sighted and is just going to cause problems down the line.

It will either take longer for the individual to return to work, or they will return and not be working at full capacity. Or in the case of something infectious, it could spread to the entire workforce! That is why a much more sensible system needs to be put in place.

Your responsibilities

A better system would be for both parties to be a little more responsible in the case of illness.

For example, the employee should be responsible enough to not take advantage of sick days. Meaning they only take them when there is a genuine problem, and not for hangovers or to get some extra Christmas shopping done!

Your employer’s responsibilities

In return, the employer should maintain their own part of the bargain by realizing that sicks day are an inconvenience, but that they are also unavoidable. So they should be dealt with in a more compassionate and patient way.

Of course, employers are responsible to some degree for health and safety of their workers. But what is usual practice can differ depending on the environment you are working in.

For example, office workers need to be protected against posture damage and repetitive strain injuries.

Where are construction workers need particular protections for working with asbestos to be put in place. This is because exposure can result in some nasty illnesses such as Malignant Mesothelioma. You can use at sites like to find out more about this condition.

Working Together For A Better Future

The essence here really is for both parties to be a little more reasonable when it comes to having time off sick. If employer and employee worked together more to fulfill their responsibilities, it may be possible to safeguarding the health without it costing the company too much.

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