Weight On Your Mind: How To Maintain A Healthy Body

So, you’ve put in hours and hours of effort and shed loads of pounds to finally get to your dream weight? Congratulations! But remember, it’s only half the battle. The rest lies in how you are going to keep that weight off. So many people are able to lose weight, but pile it all back on again in a matter of weeks. You will really want to avoid having to start all over again, and it takes a great deal of discipline and determination to do this.


Here are a few things that you should think about when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Low Calorie Eating

It’s likely that you will stuck to a diet plan when you were losing the weight, and you need to continue with this. If you are still in the process of losing weight, take a look at the Royal XXI King weight loss system. Try to make a weekly plan and stick with it, giving yourself enough calories so you’re not hungry throughout the day. This should pretty consistent regardless of weekends or holidays. Write out a shopping list before going to the supermarket and you will be less likely to pick up unhealthy snacks or other items which aren’t good for you. Ultimately, you should be looking at making the long term switch to a lower fat, higher protein diet.

Breakfast is the Most Important…

You know the rest! But it turns out all those annoying people who used to say this over and over again were right. Research has shown that people who eat breakfast are less likely to get hungry and snack throughout the day. Consider what sort of breakfast you are having though. A bowl of cereal on its own isn’t likely to fill you up, whereas something that is higher in protein like eggs will probably be more effective.


Keep Active

Exercise will have formed the cornerstone of your weight loss achievements, but you should get into good habits and keep active throughout the week. Like your diet, this is best done by having a rigid plan in place and sticking to it as closely as you can. Build your exercise up over time as your body can become used to a certain routine, and always try new things to make sure you don’t get bored over time.

Monitor Your Weight

Make sure that weighing yourself on a regular basis becomes part of your routine, and keep a log of this. Small fluctuations are normal, but if you notice any major changes try to determine what the cause is and make adjustments to your routine accordingly.


Keep Setting Yourself Goals

People usually work best when they have targets to strive towards. When you were losing weight, you had a clear goal in mind. Try to continue setting yourself various targets. For example, if you enjoy running, work towards achieving personal bests or increase the distance you are going. When you hit targets, there is a real sense of achievement that should encourage you to keep going.