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Now I bet there is something that you do that you wish you didn’t. It’s human nature isn’t is, we all have the odd bad habit or two. But some can be a lot more harmful and a blot harder to break than others. So if you are struggling to break the cycle read on to find out how you can say bye bye bad habits for good.

Biting your nails

So it might sound like a pretty inconsequential bad habit, but biting your nail is actually pretty gross. There are a hell of a lot of icky things living under there, and if you know the half of it, most people won’t let your nails anywhere near your mouth.

But some folks just can’t help themselves! If you find yourself in the latter category, then try getting regular manicures and false nails to dissuade yourself from the habit. Or painting on that policy that the gross. Or you can even get hypnotherapy to help you break this habit if all else has failed.

Negative thinking

Now most of us find Pollyanna type that always sees the silver lining in things a bit annoying. But there is actually a lot to be said for not immediately jumping to the worst case scenario every time anything happens.

But instead of forcing yourself to think positively why not take a leaf out of a Buddhist monk’s book. Just allow those negative thoughts to float on by, without reacting to them. Imagine they are fallen leave on a river and that they are steadily moving further and further away from you. Until they create no reaction in you any longer.

In this way, we can deal with negativity, without feeling inauthentic or false.

Numbing the pain

Something that many people do to varying extents in their life is to use thing outside of themselves to numb their pain like alcohol, drugs or food.

Unfortunately this often only works for a little while and has an added negative effect on your body and mind. That man it’s a dangerous to cycle to get into 8j the first place. But if that ship has already sailed then the best thing you can do for yourself is get some help in breaking that cycle.

Speak to you medical profession and consider attending a residential program like the Alo House Recovery Centers. Where you will be guided through the recovery process, away from all previous stresses and temptations. Making the whole process alot easier.

Putting ourselves down

Devaluing yourself in front of others a surprising common bad habit, and if you find yourself doing it then it’s really is to me to give it up. Some folks think that it is even a form of politeness.  Like you are making everyone else realises that you don’t thin that you are better than them.

But remember it’s really not your responsibility what other people think about you. It not your responsibility to pander to their ego either. So activity resists this urge the next time it comes on. You can even replace it with saying something positive about yourself. You might just be surprised at the positive that this gets you back in return!

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