Why You Should Take Things Slow During The Honeymoon Period

We’ve all done it – met a new guy, been on a date or two, and ended up totally and completely smitten with him. All we want to do is spend 24/7 with him. Soon enough he’s the only person you text, you’re blowing your friends off to see him, and you’re turning up late to work every morning all in the name of morning sex. While there’s nothing more exciting or enjoyable than the start of a new relationship – aka the honeymoon period, it’s important not to rush things.

You might be really keen on the new guy that you’re seeing but is that any reason to jump into changing your Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ and invite him to your parent’s house for Sunday lunch? It’s much better to take things more slowly and let the relationship change and develop naturally over time. Honestly, if you want this relationship to be the real deal, it’s worth taking things slowly and not rushing.

Not convinced to take things slowly? Here are a few (convincing) reasons why you should…

You need to get to know each other properly

How well can you really know someone after just a couple of weeks? Regardless of how much time you’ve spent together, it’s impossible to know everything about someone in a short time period. You might know where they grew up, what their favorite food is, and what their dream career is, but the chances are that is about it. Ask yourself, do you really want to rush into starting a relationship with someone who, let’s face it, you know very little about? If you’re looking for a real relationship – aka one that stands the test of time, you need to know what your new beau wants from life, what his dreams are, where he sees himself in five years time. You need to know that the two of you want the same things, else what’s the point of getting together in the first place?

There are some important talks to be had

Can you really say that you’re in a relationship with someone before you’ve had that awkward chat about where things are going? The fact is that before you can take things further with your new beau, there are some important (and slightly awkward) talks to be had. Don’t make the mistake of skipping these talks, as it will only end up blowing up in your face further down the line. Take the ‘are we both STD free talk’ that every new couple dreads having; it’s embarrassing and awkward but also necessary, after all, just think how angry you’d be if a few months down the line you found out your partner had passed on an incurable STD. That’s why it’s important to talk to your partner about going for STD testing to ensure that you’re both healthy below the belt. Of course, this is just one of many awkward conversations that new couples need to have, but it’s worth mentioning as it’s one of the most important ones.

There’s more to life then your new beau

It’s incredibly easy to get all wrapped up in your new beau and end up spending 24/7 with them. While it’s normal to want to spend lots of time together during the honeymoon period of your relationship, what you don’t want to do is alienate your friends and family. After knowing him for a couple of weeks, is he worth falling out with your loved ones over? Of course he’s not, that’s why taking things slow and balancing your time is so important. If you make the mistake of rushing into things, the chances are that you’ll end up spending more time than you need to with your new partner, and could end up pushing out your friends and family who you’ve known far longer than him. As well as putting your school work or career on the back burner – another common mistake that far too many of us make when rushing into a relationship with someone new. By taking things slowly and balancing your time, you will get into the habit. Whereas if you rush things and spend all of your time with him, that’s the habit you will get into – neglecting your friends, family, career or schoolwork.

It might not last

The chances are that your family and your BFFs are dying to meet your new beau – after all, anyone who makes you this happy must be an amazing person, right? However, there’s no point in rushing introductions because it could be a short-lived romance. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when you’re first seeing someone new, your hormones rule your head and for all, you know a few weeks down the line you could end up disliking him. So the smart thing to do is hold off on introductions until you are 100% sure about how you feel about them. There’s no need to rush things – there will be plenty of time to introduce him to all of your closest friends and family members once you’re sure he’s the one.

There’s no rush

If what you and your new partner have is real, then there’s no rush to put a label on things, is there? This goes for any aspect of your relationship, from sleeping together for the first time to meeting each other’s parents, there’s no rush. If he’s as respectful and understanding as he seems, he won’t care how long it takes; he will be willing to wait for your say so. That’s the mark of a real man – being willing to wait for as long as it takes.

Those first few weeks of a new relationship are always exciting, but just because you’re totally head over heels for your new beau that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to rush things. You may want to spend 24/7 with your new partner – that’s perfectly normal, but it’s important to balance your time and take things nice and slow.