Beauty + Hair | Spring’s Hottest Hairstyle and How to Execute Them

The world of hair and beauty has spoken, and it wants substance. This year the catwalk models strutted their stuff in the most anticipated event of the fashion year- fashion week. Spring has sprung and if you were hoping to see some delicate wispy waves, or perhaps some surfers girl locks, you’ll be gravely disappointed. The models, almost universally, sported hairstyles with some edge and structure. There’ll be no playing it safe in spring this year. It’s about being bold. Take a look at some of the most popular hair trends of 2017, and how to achieve them.

80’s Curls

There’s nothing wavy and waifish about these girls, they’re about power and confidence. Topshop Unique, Julien MacDonald, and Vera Wang, all chose to style their models with these statement curls. Vera Wang opted for a natural, springy look, with plenty of volume and bounce. Over on the catwalk at Julien MacDonald models had a seriously tousled wet-look approach to curls. Topshop Unique added some edge to their semi-crimped style with an extreme side parting.

To achieve this look you need to go big and bouffant, or modern and edgy. Take note from the catwalk and experiment with your parting and the size of your girls. If you’re looking for a more modern take on the 80’s curls, tease them out a bit with your fingers and apply a wet look gel to set. Before any styling apply a heat-protect spray to your hair. This will protect if, but also minimize frizz.

Slick and Sophisticated

Spring and summer should be fuss-free months, and the slick and sophisticated look reflects that. Salvatore Ferragamo, Emanuel Ungaro, and Jason Wu sent their models down the runway with this look. Poker straight hair, which looks slightly damp, is simply tucked behind the ear and slicked back. It’s a bold style and works especially well with a pair of sunglasses to finish the look.

Flyaway hairs are not an option for this look. You want the slicked back look to be sharp and precise. Opt for a wet-look gel (it’ll be your friend this year!) that’s got some good staying power. You’ll need to straighten your hair so that it’s poker straight. Read about the GHD Classic Styler and see if it’s the right straightening tool for you. All that’s left to do now is grab a pair of sunglasses and tuck your hair behind your ears.

70’s Shag Cuts

The shag haircut was the ultimate badass look of the 70’s. Alexander Wang and Roberto Cavalli borrowed some of this 70’s attitude for their looks, and it’s set to take off. Messy fringes and tousled, textured hair added a masculine edge to the shows. This hairstyle was typically accompanied by chokers, kholed up eyes, and even, in the case of Mimi Wade, some eccentric colors.

This look really is all about the cut. If you want to recreate it find yourself a great hairdresser and get a consultation with them to discuss the shag haircut. To give it a really lived in textured feel, use some clay to style your look. Rub hair clay between your fingers and scrunch up your hair. Use as much as you dare, don’t worry if it starts to look slightly greasy, this is the look!


The wet-look was one of the biggest trends to come out of fashion week. A whole host of designers sent their models down the runway with gelled hair, dripping it seemed, in product. Instead of a greasy mess, what we saw was a slick and powerful group of women, not shying away from a severe look. Alexander McQueen led the way with a futuristic wet-look style. Slicking the middle section of hair back, and dividing the rest between the front and back of the ear, it was perhaps the most extreme take on the look. Christopher Kane also gelled his model’s hair down, this emphasized the beautiful earring and necklaces they were wearing. Thakoon’s stunning take on the look showed that gel can be graceful rather than greasy.

If you want to recreate this look, it’s simple in technique, but difficult to nail style-wise. Plenty of gels provide the wet-look you’re after. But to avoid this style going totally wrong you’ll have to add some shape. Givenchy opted for a wavy wet-look fringe slicked onto the forehead. Thakoon chose to have a single bouncy wet-look curl escape from a tight bun. Whatever you choose to do, you have to add some structure and shape to your look. Otherwise, it’ll just look like a greasy mess.


From ethereal to edgy, plaits were huge on the runway but everyone styled them slightly differently. Roberto Cavalli stuck with the 70’s and chose to have one thicker plait on one side of a center parting. Gucci went elaborate with a whole load of twisting plaits wrapped around a bun at their show. Erden did what they do best, with a beautifully elegant plaited bun, complete with ribbon. Valentino and Ashish let their plaits to the talking with one long rope-style plait of rapunzel-esque hair.

The easiest of these styles to replicate is Roberto Cavalli’s 70’s take on the plait. Part your hair in a precise center parting. Take the front section of one-half of the hair and pull it back behind your ear into a thick plait. This look is really natural so don’t feel the need to apply any sprays, gels, or clays at this point. Secure your plait with a thin band that matches your hair color.


Short hair is back, and we blame Miley Cyrus! This was another big trend this year and involves some pretty drastic cuts. Some opted for curly pixie cuts, whereas Fendi contrasted severe short hair with oversized sunglasses. Prada sent their models down the runway with retro bobs, complete with bobby pins. Dior added some femininity to their short looks with a pointed fringe.

Recreating this look needs another great hairdresser and cut. Decide which you’re trying to go for. A short bob is one of the less extreme takes on this look, but a shaved head and swept over fringe is the other end of the spectrum. Find out what will work best for your hair and what style will suit you.


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