It’s Just A Little Crush!

Whether you’re fifteen, twenty-five or thirty having a crush on someone never fails to make you feel like you’re a teenage girl again! You blush when they look over at you, feel your palms go sweaty every time you guys talk and always end up saying or doing something supremely embarrassing while trying to seem vaguely cool and together. Liking someone, and not knowing if they like you back is awkward at any age but there are a few ways of finding out whether the feeling’s mutual.

Show Not Tell

Ok, don’t panic because you’re not going to walk up to them and say ‘i like you’ instead it’s all about showing them how much you love spending time with them. Keep things natural though. Don’t find excuses to talk to them as this comes across as very obvious and more than a little desperate. Instead offer to buy them a coffee, ask if they want your help moving apartments or, if it’s someone at work, swing by their desk and see if they fancy grabbing lunch together before the marketing presentation. When talking to them on the phone keep things light, don’t immediately respond to their texts but don’t ignore them entirely either, like the odd post on Instagram but don’t waste hours obsessing over their photos on social media.

Up, Close And Personal

According to various studies that focus on human attraction, one of the best ways to bond with someone is to physically place yourself in their presence. We’re not saying you should follow them around like a puppy mind! Simply sit a little closer at lunch, let them listen to music with you, have an earphone each and pick tunes you think they’d like then click upload song. If you guys are laughing about something give them a friendly nudge and don’t be afraid to put your arm round them if they’re having a bad day.

Don’t be weird with it though, if you notice them pulling away it may been that they just like their own personal space or feel like you haven’t built enough of an emotional connection yet. If you can’t be physically close, make sure you catch their eye instead as prolonged eye contact will definitely signal to them that you’re interested and then enhance any chemistry the two of you have. Feel free to put a little more effort into your appearance, but not to the point that you appear in a ball gown and diamonds at Starbucks as a) it’ll be obvious you dressed up and b) there’s nothing more off-putting than someone who isn’t comfortable in their own skin.

Do Stuff Together

Visit an amusement park, watch a scary movie together or challenge them to a game of tennis. You’re looking for exciting, fun and cool activities that’ll boost your adrenaline levels, heart rates, and competitive streaks as it’ll help to make them feel more alive. Don’t forget, when we’re having fun we automatically check to see if the person is too, and by doing exciting, challenging and unique stuff together they’ll totally want to spend more time with you.