Health + Fitness | Habits To Improve Your Diet and Fitness Regime

When you make a commitment to improve your health, diet and fitness are usually the first things you try to change. While it is good that you try to eat well and exercise regularly, there are also many healthy habits you could adopt to supplement that good work that you have already done. In fact, you may find that making these habits a part of your lifestyle might make it easier for you to meet your fitness goals.

Drink more water

If you weren’t drinking enough water to begin with, then you probably suffered from fatigue, headaches, and constipation on a regular basis. When you’re not exercising regularly, drinking water can improve your brain function, clear your skin, and help your body flush out toxins. Water is even more important when you’re exercising because you have to replenish the water and sodium you have lost through sweat. Dehydration while exercising can lead to loss of coordination, muscle fatigue, cramps, and exhaustion.


People often neglect stretching before exercising, even though it can greatly improve your workout. Stretching increases your flexibility, can reduce the risk of injury by preparing the muscles for activity, and reduces muscle soreness by increasing blood and nutrient supply to the muscles. Stretching after exercise can also reduce tightness in the muscles that have been exercised the most.

Quit smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but if you’re still smoking while you’re exercising then it can seriously impact your workout. Smokers can’t breathe as easily as a non-smoker, so this already puts them at a disadvantage for most fitness programs. During exercise, blood flow helps boost oxygen supply to your muscles. But the nicotine from smoking makes your blood sticky, thus narrowing your arteries and affecting your blood flow. If your muscles don’t get oxygen fast enough, your body can’t work as well. Thankfully, exercise can be used as a quitting method if you don’t manage to kick the habit before your start working out. There are many other tools out there to help smokers quit, from nicotine patches, support groups, and Nicorette gum. One of the newest methods out there is e-cigarettes; learn more about them at Top 10 E-Cigarette Myths Debunked – Lizard Juice Blog

Eat more protein

When you exercise, you’re effectively breaking down your muscle and protein is a certain way to help you repair and build up your muscles again. Protein also helps you stick to your diet, as it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and it can help stabilize your blood sugar. Check out one of these tasty recipes to help you get your full daily protein intake.


Regular exercise will improve your sleep because it tires you out and reduces your stress levels. But sleep also benefits exercise because it helps your body rest and recover from a tough workout. Sleep also helps your body perform better throughout the day, thus your exercise also benefits from a good night’s rest.


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