Beauty Tips | It’s Time To Get Rid Of The Body Snags…

Snagging. It’s what builders have to do to newbuilds within the first couple of years of them being completed. They come back and fix all of the problems – mostly aesthetic, usually – which have been bugging the owners. Things which have started to go wrong out of time or fallen out of place. Sometimes it’s something big, but usually it’s just little fixes.

It’s easy to often look over the little fixes on our bodies. We know that we have to go out of our way to get them done, and often don’t think that what’s happening on our bodies is important enough to treat. We assume that it will go away by itself, or that it’ll right itself in time. For most things, that’s probably the case. But what about the stuff that doesn’t go away?

Warts & Verrucas

Verrucas (or plantar warts) are as common as they are annoying. Usually picked up in warm, damp places such as swimming pools, they are very contagious and easily caught. Generally speaking, the sooner you remove your plantar warts, the better; not only are they unsightly, painful in some cases and cause a nuisance with excessive sensitivity, but they can grow deeper into your foot and spread further than you’d think.  A verruca does not simply just stop growing. Little black dots start to form which indicate blocked blood vessels. There are treatments available which are easily bought over the counter at your local pharmacy. Nip it in the bud before it spreads not just to other bits of your foot, but other people’s feet too.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs, if left untreated, can lead to infection. They usually occur in areas that we are prone to shaving in, so prevention is key here – throw away any blunt or dull razors that you have kept hold of and replace them immediately. Make sure that the area that you’re going to get the hair out of is exfoliated and warmed so that the hair is both easily accessible and removable from the pores. Then get a sterilised pair of tweezers and pluck it out. It may take a bit of precision and a lot of determination, but as long as it’s out, it shouldn’t be much bother from then on. Make sure that you use a calming lotion such as tea tree to reduce the swelling and the redness around the affected area.

Broken Nails

These aren’t just painful to look at – they actually really hurt! If you don’t act quick to look after a broken nail, it could snap down further and leave a gate open to infection. You need to make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands before you get down to work. If you have a nail mending kit, put it into action – if not, a tea bag and superglue will work just fine. Simply cut off bit of the tea bag that will cover the affected area and glue it on in place. This will work to help keep the nail together and work as a barrier.


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