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Beauty Trends of 2017

Fashion, hair and beauty trends change on a daily basis. All it takes is for a popular celebrity to wear something in a different way and suddenly it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. Keeping up with the latest news is difficult but here you’ll find all you need to know about the latest trends and how to get your hands on them.

Selfie Make-up

Don’t you just hate filters? (No!) Well, if you want to take the filter off your phone and get a picture-perfect selfie another way, there’s plenty of options when it comes to make-up. The aim is to get a smooth looking, natural complexion. Basically, like you’re not wearing make-up when you are. MUA’s vanishing cream primer is a perfect option when you want flawless results.

Ombre Nails

You’ve already heard of ombre hair. Now here comes ombre nails! It’s a multicoloured lover’s dream. Ombre is the trend that starts off as one colour and graduates into another. It’s expressive and artistic and ideal for matching with outfits. You can find Ombre nail paint at Barry M.


They’re back! Chokers were the must have accessory in the 1990’s and now they’re back. You’ll find an array on sale, from plain black to sparkling diamonds. A choker is the perfect way to accessorize because no matter what neck line you’re wearing, it’s always visible. Why not have a look at some online clothing boutiques that sell them?

Hair and Face Masks

We put our hair and skin through so much, it’s not surprising that they need a bit of TLC every now and again. There are some fantastic hair conditioning treatments on the market right now and you’ve probably already heard about the trending charcoal face masks. Alternatively, you make your own natural hair and skin masks at home from every day ingredients you may already have in the cupboard.

Find Your Colour

Find your colour applies to everything. More and more of us are becoming colour smart. When it comes to clothes, you need to know what colour suits you best. It’s important to have a few go-to items in your closet, when you don’t have time to style yourself. You also need to be aware of the best foundation shade for your skin and eye shadow for your eyes. Be careful though, it can all change when you choose to dye your hair a different colour. Be on your colour game!


Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, it’s the bigger, the better for 2017. Big bows, big hairbands, bright colours and lots of different materials. There are patterns, prints and subtle just won’t do it. Because everything’s bigger and better, these hair accessories tend to look their best with an up-do.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so go nuts when it comes to experimenting with your fashion looks and beauty trends. Never say never and learn from any epic fails. Have fun with it and you can’t go wrong!