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Summer Hair Goals + Inspo: Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Hair Extension Lovers Should Shop Xotica Hair

Your hair is a huge part of your daily routine and let’s just be honest… sometimes, us naturalistas like to take a step back from dealing with it, while also maintaining a head of gorgeous, all-natural locks. Protective styling is a big thing amongst black women in this trendy age of returning to our roots. But after all of the detangling, and twisting and failed braid-out attempts, it becomes a time when we just want to throw on a wig or hair clip – and just GO, right? We all want nice and thick hair that’s shiny and healthy… under a good protective style; and my girls over at Xotica Hair can help you look fabulous while also maintaining your own hair in the best way imaginable. With Xotica, you’ll be able to style your hair in afro-textures and ALWAYS look great.

So what is this Xotica Hair that you speak of? And what sets them apart from the rest?

Glad you asked! Let me give you 5 reasons why:

Highest, 100% premium, quality of human hair + extension craftsmanship. Xotica hair is specifically made for black women’s hair textures to include 4A/4B/4C/3B/3C afro-caribbean hair styles. What is 4C hair? Or if you’re not certain which hair type you are, google has been my bestie for starters! In addition to the afro texture hair extension line, their Coarse Yaki and Kinky straight clip-in extensions have quickly become an international favorite for naturalistas like yourself – for those who are looking for different hair styles outside of your natural look.

Most natural looking of all natural extensions on the market. Xotica hair carries various styles to git any and every event. So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous style for your next party or wedding, look no further! Their blown out texture gives the best of both worlds, a combination of kinks and straight without looking unnatural.

Comfortable + secure with no damage to your own hair. Xotica hair also offers clip-ins and natural hair wigs that help women of color embrace their natural look as a protective style; if they want to give their own hair a break. Their wigs + clip-ins offer versatility, and options for those who may have recently done the big chop; or for those who may want to add the extra OOMPH! (Hey gal, you know what I’m talking about :)

Long lasting with minimal shedding if taken care of properly. The hair that Xotica uses for their extensions, come from single source donors and are designed to last a LONG time. Their goal and aim is for others to have that infamous question, “Girl, how long you been growing your hair??”, without anyone ever having the slightest idea that you are wearing their natural hair weave and/or clip-ins.

Affordable prices + versatile styles available. Xotica hair offers 5 natural texture hair extensions that mimick every kink and curl pattern ranging from type 4A hair texture, 4B hair texture, 4C hair texture, 3B hair texture + 3C hair texture. With the option of both Afro texture weaves and Afro texture clip-ins, will certainly have an opportunity for long term and short term wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Go shop Xotica now for your perfect ALL-NATURAL, SUMMER HAIR GLOW!

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