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3 Huge Skincare Myths Debunked!

With so many products making up the multi-billion dollar skin care industry, knowing where to even begin can be quite the challenge. Trends pick up incredibly quickly, and it can often be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to picking the things you want to use. As many of us get older, taking good care of our skin is something that we start to take a lot more seriously, especially to help prevent the signs of aging. For this very same reason, a lot of us are more tempted to spend slightly more money on better quality skin care, to get the desired effect. However, this also means that our hard-earned money is at stake, and when you fall victim to a skincare myth it often means wasted cash! Here are some of the top skincare myths lovingly debunked, and some of the alternatives you may be interested in too.

If it tingles, it’s good

Thanks to Kylie Jenner and her incredibly plump pout, full lips are all the rage at the moment. If lip fillers aren’t your thing, you may be looking for an alternative way to get those luscious lips you’ve always dreamt of. To capitalize on this trend, many beauty and skin care brands have started to produce ‘plumping’ lipgloss or lip balms. These products contain a whole host of different ingredients, some of which are designed to irritate the lips – thus causing that ‘tingling’ feeling many of us know all too well. However, it is heavily debated whether these lip plumpers do the job at all, or if the tingling is just a clever marketing ploy. If you can’t live without your lip plumpers, always choose ones that contain collagen, as there is some scientific proof around the effectiveness of these.

People with oily skin should avoid serums

On paper, it’s easy to see why so many of us believe this. Serums are, by their very nature, oil-based products. So, it makes sense to think that anyone with oily skin should avoid them like the plague. In reality, things couldn’t be further from the truth. Due to its consistency and the way it reacts with itself, the oil of serums can help to combat the natural oils produced by your skin. Try and deeply hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid serum every morning, and you will notice that your oil levels become much more manageable. Plus, if it’s radiance you’re after, there’s nothing that produces it quite like a serum does!

You only need to apply sunscreen once throughout the day

This is a huge no-no! Even though many bottles of sunscreen claim to offer ‘all day protection,’ it is imperative that you reapply at least every four hours, especially during summer. The sun’s rays can be stronger at certain points of the day. So, for example, that layer of sun protection you applied at 10 am may not necessarily keep you safe from the much harsher rays that are present in the early afternoon.