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Moms Leading The Way To Wellness

There is a uniting factor on the internet, but it’s one that most of us aren’t quite aware of. This is despite the fact it’s all around us; in plain sight, yet rarely discussed or talked about.

When it comes to health and wellness of ourselves and our children, it’s the Moms that are leading the way.

The term “Mommy blogger” is often used in a pejorative sense, as if wanting to share the joys of motherhood with others is somehow unpleasant. For those of us who take the time to read these sites, however, we know the falsehood of that premise. Most Mommy bloggers are just an online representation of something all parents do: trying to do the best by their kids.

Much of this is often folded into the realms of natural health and well-being. While well-being is not a strictly defined term, it generally means a holistic approach to health. It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that the modern-day Mommy blogger is just the “wise woman” of old, dispensing treatments for all ailments, fresh herbs hanging from their kitchen, with a few wise words along with the dosage.

It’s also no surprise that there is a huge section of society that wishes to return to a more natural way of being. After all, life in the modern age can be wonderful, and we should all take advantages of the goodness it can offer. Nevertheless… sometimes, we just want something a bit simpler. It’s far more inclusive a process to discuss healthcare and wellbeing (especially relating to kids) with a few friendly Moms online than run the gauntlet of a medical appointment sometimes.

It’s Moms that have cottoned onto this desire, and the rise of sites like NaturalCave and those like it have followed the trend. There’s no doubt that it is a primarily female-orientated subject. There’s a few stereotypical reasons this could be the case, but rather than delve into stereotypes, it’s worth considering the other reasons Moms are spearheading the charge towards changing the world of wellness as we know it.

1) Moms Are Motivated To Change

At this point in human history, we’re long past the days where we just believed everything that the doctor told us. A healthy dose of skepticism should be prescribed alongside every medical prescription; just doing what we’re told because someone has an “MD” after their name can be problematic. That’s not to say all doctors are out to do patients wrong! Of course you should always find a physician you trust for any health complaint that’s troubling for any length of time.

However, by the time you reach a certain point of adulthood, most of us will have had a run in or two with doctors that have left us feeling less than reassured. While we might be able to tolerate that in regards to our own healthcare, it’s not something we frequently handle well when it comes to our children.

This is why Moms are motivated in ways they never have been before. We’re more aware of the potential problems of following medical advice, the issues it can cause, as well as the potential issues our children will face. That, coupled with the next point, is proving to be a potent motivator…

2) Moms Have The Resources Now

While Moms have always been motivated to do the best they can by their kids, sometimes, they haven’t had the option of researching things for themselves. Fifty years ago, you followed the advice your doctor gave you or you had to go and read medical textbooks (without any training) in the library. It was rough; it was nigh-on impossible.

The one thing Moms of the past did have access to, however, was the wisdom of their friends and family. There are many family secrets, old wives’ tales, and tricks to good health that have been passed down through the generations – but these only go so far.

Now, Moms are not limited by the scope of who they can share information with. No longer do we have to rely only on the information that’s available within our immediate families; we have millions of other family tips and tricks that are being shared from the world over. The internet has empowered us to be able to do our own research, discuss with others about what is and isn’t working, and find solutions that might have eluded the generations that have gone before. We can be more proactive than ever in ensuring our kids get the best start in life – which is something we should hold dear to us.

3) Times Have Changed For Kids

Where once parents did the best they could with what they knew, times have now changed. Now, not being aware of a potential health hazard is no excuse – the information is there at our fingertips if we’re willing to invest the time and effort into learning it. That means that there’s a tremendous sense of concern to make sure you make the right decisions, every step of the way.

This problem is made worse by the fact that growing up as a modern child isn’t easy. In fact, it could be argued that parenting now is harder than it ever has been. Not only do we have the constant threat of childhood obesity – a situation that has, more than once, been described as an “epidemic” – but there’s also the fact that it’s tough to get kids’ fitness where it should be. We’re in constant competition with sedentary activities, TVs, and cell phone screens that means this is something we have to constantly be on the ball with.

As the challenges of raising a child in the modern world become more demanding, the need to keep up and find something that works for your family increases.

4) Moms Enjoy The Sense Of Community

For all of its many benefits in terms of the time you spend with your children, there is no doubt that motherhood can often feel like a very lonely time. This is especially true if you’re among the first in your group of friends to have children. Only a parent can truly understand the all-consuming need to ensure you do the best by your kids, and sometimes, you need people who understand that to talk with.

The natural health and wellness community is, in some senses, like a huge coffee morning. Likeminded Moms can come together and not only share their direct advice, but also their stories and experiences of motherhood in the modern age. It’s an essential bonding experience that just happens to leave you feeling like you have a better hold on your kids health than you ever have before.

In conclusion, it’s hard to see the dominance of Moms in the wellness sector as anything but a good thing. No longer do we just have to hope for the best; we can actively work towards making choices that genuinely work for our family. Not only can we share and encourage the pursuit of knowledge in one another, but we can form friendships that help us feel more positive about our parenting styles.

If you keep it safe, refer any radical ideas to a doctor before going through with them, then there’s no reason you can’t partake in all of these benefits for yourself. There is a community waiting for you to explore it, one which has benefits for both mental and physical health. Long live the Mommy bloggers, the natural health blogs, and all the families that they care for!