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Summer Vacay? What To Pack For A Stylish Getaway

It’s time to start thinking about your summer plans. Have you got any yet? Do you plan to hit the beach somewhere hot? Or explore a new country or city you haven’t been to before? Whatever your plans may be for your summer vacation, one thing you can start preparing for in advance is what you might be packing in your suitcase. Which is why I thought I would share with you some fashion inspiration to help you out with this dilemma.

Let’s start with the swimwear options

Many holidays will include the chance of downtime by the pool or swimming in the sea, so one thing to consider is your swimwear options. There are plenty of choices out there for women these days, you have your bikini, the tankini and a full on swimsuit option. But the most important thing is to choose something that you feel comfortable in, and what may be practical for you throughout the day. With lot’s of choices out there, you could consider a bright colour, a tribal pattern, or even something sleek like a little black number. Whatever you decided, don’t panic about having one for each day, just a few to rotate will be more than enough.

Have you thought about day-appropriate outfits?

During the day you may be sightseeing, heading to the beach, or enjoying long and relaxing lunch and drink dates. So you need to consider packing clothing that will be suitable for the activities you have planned. You might want to consider a sleeveless floral sundresses that will easily be able to cover up swimwear for a day at the beach. Or even a maxi or midi length dress for an enjoyable lunch date.

What about your evening options?

A lot of women on vacation like to dress up for the evening, so you may want to consider packing some dressier items in your suitcase. Perhaps a shorter dress to wear with heels, or even something like a maxi dress. They can be really stylish and cling to your body in the summer, and look amazing during the summer evening light. Other things to consider would be darker colors for the evening, as you may have opted for brighter choices during the day.

Shoes, bags and accessories

You can’t forget those all-important items that really make an outfit when you’re away. So make sure you pack up a bag, some great shoe options and some jewellery to match in with your outfit choices. As you are so prepared with your outfits, your jewelry choices will be a lot easier to make.

Sun hats and sun shades

Finally, during the day it’s important to protect your head and eyes, so you must consider packing a great pair of sunglasses and a hat that will match in with your clothes. No one like to get a burnt scalp during their long-awaited holiday. A sun hat can look stylish, and we all no sun shades can really make a summer outfit shine.

I hope these tips help you with your vacation packing and outfit options.