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Color Matching: Yes Or No?

Once upon a time, color matching was all the rage. In fact, it wasn’t just all the rage – it was the expectation. Fifty years ago, the idea of going out without ensuring every item on your person was matching would have been unthinkable – one of the worst fashion sins imaginable, in fact.

Well… how times change.

Now, we have gone into a total reversal of fortunes. If you were to carefully match every item of clothing and your accessories in the modern world, it would be seen as dreadfully old-fashioned. In fact, fashion bloggers have coined a phrase for this exact scenario: “matchy matchy”. In a world of color blocking and deliberate color clashes, there just isn’t a place for matching the colors of your ensemble anymore… or is there?

Sometimes, you have to rage against the storm, and we’re going to do that right now. It’s time to seize back some control and say: no! You may take our shoulder pads and epaulets – frankly we weren’t going to fight you much for them anyway – but not color matching! Color matching we can drag into modern fashion because there are good reasons to want to do it!

What are those reasons, fellow soldiers? Let us count the ways…

It’s Impossible To Have A Unique Color For Everything

An outfit is the sum of many parts, especially if you count accessories in. The idea of trying to ensure each and every item is a different color – or at least a different shade – is next to impossible. This is especially true for fall and winter weather, where an outfit could conceivably consist of eight different pieces.

Sometimes You Want To Emphasize A Color

If you have a shiny yellow diamond ring, then should that be the only yellow part of your ensemble? In fact, doesn’t it make more sense to want to use a different shade of yellow somewhere else on your person, to draw the eye to the color? Sometimes, you find a color that both really suits you and you feel good in. The idea you can’t show it off because it would be breaking the fashion rules is somewhat asinine, especially if it means you can’t wear garments and accessories you absolutely love at the same time.

Matching Colors Is Easy

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet, wondering if one shade goes with another? There’s no such dilemma when you dismiss this as a consideration; you can just reach for the same color of items and know they go together… because they can’t not. They are the same color. Of course they match. You don’t have to work out how to perfectly clash colors or how to ensure everything is unique; that takes a lot of time that most of us just can’t be bothered with at 7.30am in the morning with our commute still in front of us.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Or so the old saying goes – but it definitely applies to the fashion rules. If you like matching colors, then match them. Some rules (like federal ones!) are definitely not meant to be broken, but the fashion rules? Only go along with them if they match your personal style anyway. Pun absolutely intended.