7 Signs You’re Meant To Be With Your Partner Forever

As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, it’s not so easy to find the one you’re meant to be with forever. There are fights, there are insecurities, and sometimes two people just go their separate ways. And that’s the way it goes. At some point in our lives, though, we’ll find someone who we’re meant to be with for the rest of our lives. But how are we supposed to know when that point comes? Here are seven signs your current partner is the one for you.

You’re Open About Your Wants

There’s a degree of compromise that comes with being in a relationship, but it should only be a degree: you don’t need to fundamentally change who you are to please another person. You have one life, and you should chiefly aim to make sure you’re fulfilled by how you’re living. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much love we have for another, if we’re on different paths then it’ll eventually stall. If your vision for your life syncs up with the vision your partner has for their life, then you might be onto a winner!

You Can Be Silent

Life is a series of performances, or at least it is for people. When you’re with your partner, you shouldn’t feel like you need always to perform: you should be comfortable just being yourself. There are a million different sides to you, and they won’t always involve being entertaining and talkative, or whoever else you are in your public life. If you can be silent and feel comfortable with your partner, that’s a pretty good sign!

You Bounce Back

There’s no such thing as the perfect relationship. Everyone couple, even the ones who look completely happy with one another, have troubles they need to work through. You might fight, scream at each other, or even break up. But you make up, apologize for how you acted, and follow the no contact rule that brings you back together. In the end, no matter how much hurt there is, you bounce back and move through your troubles.

You’re a Team

The world is a big place, and it can often feel like you’re facing an uphill battle. When you face obstacles to your success, you’ll know that there’s one person who will always have your back. If you don’t think you’re a team, or you think that your partner is one of the obstacles you face, then life is all the more difficult. Most relationships end when the union becomes fractured and out of sync; yours will be a union full of love and support every step of the way!