Surviving The Early Morning Start After A Late Night Out

We’ve all been there at some point. A quick drink after work gets a little wilder than you expected, and you end up forgetting about pretty much everything as you hit the town and don’t roll home until 2,3, or maybe even 4 in the morning. And when your wake up alarm goes off for the third time in fifteen minutes, you suddenly regret everything. You have to get to work, but you can’t even move – what, exactly, are you going to do? Here are some survival tips for dealing with an early morning star at work after a heavy night on the town.

The night before

If you play your cards right, there are a few sensible things you can do on your night out which will help you when you wake up. While the best hangover cure will vary from person to person, it’s all about the preparation. There are tablets you can take that will neutralize the toxins created by alcohol and that are responsible for your hangover. And you can reduce the impact by having a glass of water between every drink. Finally, make sure you eat something at some point in the evening – the food in your stomach will help you soak up a lot of the alcohol – and fill up a bottle of water before you go to your bed.


With any luck, you will have been sensible enough to leave a big bottle of water beside your bed. Use it – it will help you get enough lubrication to get you through making it out of bed at the very least. And refill your bottle when you are done – water is going to be your best friend for the rest of the day. If you have any powdered electrolytes available, use them, too, as a hangover can mess up your body’s electrolyte balance.

Kettle on, coffee ready

You will need to wake yourself up first and foremost, so drag yourself out of bed, fill up your pot and get your coffee ready. When the water is boiled, leave the coffee to brew – ideally, you want the biggest caffeine hit you can get. Don’t drink too much, however, as not only will you feel ill, but you’ll also feel jumpy.

Take a shower (preferably cold)

A shower will help you hydrate your entire body, and a cold shower will help you wake up. You don’t need to spend too much time in there, but the short, sharp shock of cold water can give you the spark you need. Once you are out of the shower, drink your coffee, and you should, at the very least, start feeling a little more alive.

Eat something

Finally, no matter how bad you are feeling, it’s vital to fill up your stomach with some nutrients, or you will end up feeling ill for most of the day. Alcohol lowers your blood sugars, so carbohydrates will often help you feel better. Toast or cereal are ideal – try taking it with banana slices – and you can also go for something like a yeast extract spread to balance your natural vitamins and nutrients.

With any luck, these tips should at least help you get into a condition where you can get dressed, apply your makeup, and leave the house. The rest of the day? It’s down to your constitution, determination, and ability to pretend everything is OK! Good luck!