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Are You Selfie Ready? Feeling Confident With Your Smile

Summer is well, and truly here so there is no surprise that your diary is filling up fast with social events and places to be. Thanks to our smartphones, capturing a picture at any given moment is now a possibility, and more people are capturing themselves “in the moment” with something called a selfie. However, for some of us who feel less confident in front of the camera, this can be daunting, Often letting you pass up chances to capture memories, simply because you don’t like your smile or the way you look on a picture. This has to change! I thought I would share with you some of the tips and advice you could consider to help you feel more confident with your smile. Encouraging you to be in front of the camera instead of the one behind it taking the snaps.

Have a good routine with dental hygiene

Having that glowing smile starts with a dental routine, something we should all be doing. But perhaps not as well as would like. We might already do our regular brushing in the morning and at night, but there are other things you could implement into this routine. You could consider flossing, brushing for longer or introducing mouthwash. Also, what we may not do is brush our teeth after exposing them to something sugary or acidic, this is a recommended action to take, but many of us don’t find the time. If you can, keep a travel toothbrush and paste with you in your bag. Brushing more often will protect your teeth and give you that confidence in their condition and shine.

Just smile more in general day to day life

Did you know that if you smile more the world smiles along with you? That can be a confident booster in itself, but smiling more in day to day life will make your smile less posed and more natural. It may seem a little staged at first, but it will soon become a habit, and it could have a positive effect on your day.

Consider options to boost your confidence

There will always be some of us that have a problem with the way we look, and our teeth can be one of the top five things we dislike. Of course, if we focus on something we don’t like then that can make it all the harder to be confident in it, so this is when it may be a good time to consider your options. One option would be to consider dental implants, that could improve the way your teeth look and their shape. However, research into the dental implant process would be a good idea. You could also consider teeth whitening if it is just the color of your teeth that put you off. This might be an at home kit you do or something you book in with your local teeth whitening provider. The costs can vary, but it can often be these changes that boost your confidence once and for all.

Don’t fake it

Finally, don’t fake it. It shows up on a picture and could make you feel unhappy with the way you come across. Be confident in your natural smile, it is unique because it is you.