Good Eats | Make Food Your Weight Loss Alley

There is one supposedly fail safe formula for weight loss; eat less and move more. Although this makes sense in theory, it’s not always so easy to apply in practice. People who try to lose weight quickly can overcompensate on this formula by starving themselves and exercising to the point of exhaustion and injury. Some people try to work out how to work out properly, but fewer try to figure out a proper diet in comparison. Food is not your enemy. While it’s true that some food can hinder your weight loss efforts, you still need it to function on a daily basis, so why not figure out how to make it your ally.

Balance your diet

Despite what some fad diets would have you believe, carbs and fats are not evil, and calories aren’t sabotaging your attempts to lose weight. The only things causing you to gain weight are excessive amounts of food – the more you eat, the bigger you will get – and any foods loaded with refined or simple carbohydrates such as white flours, rice, pasta, pastries, and sugary foods and drinks. These carbs are metabolized by your body quickly, which causes you to feel hungry more often, thus throwing your weight loss and nutrition off balance. To keep from eating back all the calories you’ve burned, enjoy a diet that consists of fiber, protein, calcium and Vitamin D, good fats, and plenty of water. Don’t forget to eat everything in moderation; it’s better to eat little and often throughout the day, than have a few big meals.

Avoid “diet” foods

You might think you’re treating yourself and still being good by having a diet coke instead of the full fat version, but you’re actually doing more harm than good. Researchers at Cornell University found that overweight people who choose low-fat versions of snack foods rather than the regular kinds consume, on average, twice as many calories. This is because most companies add twice as much sugar to these sweet products to improve the flavor after the “fat” has been removed. If you want something sweet, just have the full fat version. You’re not committing a sin if you have a small slice of cake every once in a while. You can even work it off with an extra ten minutes of exercise if you feel guilty.

Boost your energy with nutrition

Eating well can also improve your workouts. High energy foods such as eggs, quinoa, whole grain cereal, and trail mix can significantly boost your energy to prepare you for an intense workout, and will keep you full even after you workout.

Drink plenty of water

We’ve been reminded over and over again that we often mistake hunger for thirst, yet many people still aren’t reaching out for a bottle of water. Some try to quench their thirst with juice or iced tea, without realizing that these beverages are also filled with sugar. If water is too boring for you, add fresh fruit for a refreshing and healthy infusion.



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