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Penny Power: Learn To Stretch Your Funds Further

There’s no doubt about it; money makes the world go around. For people who have plenty of money, the green stuff never seems to be an issue – why would it be? They don’t struggle to cover their bills and still put food on the table. They can travel where they want when they want. They can eat out whenever they want to. Buying new clothes isn’t a problem. Money just isn’t an issue. For others of us, money, or a lack of it, has a big impact on our lives. If you are struggling to get by, for one reason or another, below are some hacks that should help you to stretch your funds that little bit further. It’s always going to suck being skint, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get by with a small budget.

Take a positive outlook

If you are negative about living on a small budget, you will find it much harder and more stressful to successfully do so. Instead, be positive about your situation – money isn’t everything, it’s just one small part of life. Don’t focus on the situation you are currently in, instead concentrate on the future. Set yourself financial goals to work towards – use these as your motivation to make your money go further and improve your financial situation. Sure, it will take time to reach your goals, but it is possible, it just takes perseverance, patience, and hard work, that’s all. The more positive you can be about things, the less you will worry about your lack of funds.

Be savvy

To make your funds stretch further, it’s all about being savvy with your spending. What this means is ensuring your bills providers are the cheapest around, sticking to a budget when shopping and making everything from scratch, utilizing deals and discounts, and ensuring that every penny is accounted for. It’s not easy to lead a savvy life as it means a lot of compromises, but if you want your money to stretch further, it’s worth it.

Top your account up

While it’s all well and good making the funds you have go further, sometimes you need a little extra, such as for a birthday or vacation. For these types of situations, it’s a good idea to find simple ways to top up your bank balance. Whether that’s by taking on some extra hours at work, selling an item you no longer need, or by selling your hair, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you get the funds that you need. That being said, if you plan on selling your hair, read these tips first, to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Selling your hair may seem strange, but if you were going to get a cut anyway, you might as well sell the hair that you no longer need and make some money from it.

Fake it ’til you make it

It’s all well and good saying not to be embarrassed by your lack of funds, but a lot of us do feel this way. If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone your situation, fake it until you make it. Say, for instance, you’ve made a new friend at your child’s school who asks if you would like to go for drinks. Instead of saying that you can’t afford to right now, invite them and their children over for a BBQ, so that everyone can get to know each other better. Until you reach your financial goals, don’t be afraid to fake it and find alternatives to things that you can’t afford.

Want to make those pennies stretch a little further? Then take note of the tips and ideas above.