Understanding What It’s Like To Live With A Mental Health Condition

There used to be a lot more stigma surrounding mental health problems than there is today. However, that doesn’t mean that living with a mental health problem is any easier than it was 20 years ago. There might be less stigma surrounding it, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to understand what it’s like to live with a mental illness. People might be better educated on mental illness, but that doesn’t mean they are more understanding of what it’s like to live with this kind of deliberating condition.

Whether you are a concerned loved one, someone who wants to work in the mental health sector, or simply want to educate yourself more about what sufferers of mental health problems go through, then you may want to learn more about mental illness. Without suffering from a mental health problem yourself, it can be hard to understand what it’s like, but there are ways that you can develop more of an understanding.

To help you to gain a better insight into what mental health sufferers go through on a daily basis, below are some tips and ideas – take note, and you can learn more about living with a mental health problem without actually having one.

Take advantage of blogs and vlogs

While informative medical textbooks and websites are useful for understanding the causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment available for mental health problems, they don’t tend to give you an understanding of what living with these conditions is like. What you need to gain this kind of insight is a personal take on what living with anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder – or any mental health problem, is like. The best place to find that is online – there are plenty of mental health blogs and vlogs, which are packed full of firsthand accounts of living with mental illness, and so, are an incredible learning resource.

Watch documentaries & films

One of the best ways to understand how a mental health condition makes a person feel is to watch how it affects them. To do this, there are some incredible documentaries and films out there. By following someone’s life, whether in a fictional or nonfictional way, you can learn a lot about how a certain mental health condition affects sufferers. For example, say you are interested in learning more about schizophrenia, there are some incredible films about it, which you can learn about via resources like To find all the best films and programs about mental health problems, the internet is an amazing resource.

Speak to the experts

Whether you are a loved one concerned about a relative or friend, or you are keen to start a career in the mental health sector, a great way to gain a better understanding of a certain mental health condition is by speaking to the experts. Make an appointment to speak to your loved one’s doctor or to speak to another expert in the field, and ask them to explain more about how the mental health condition that you are interested in makes the sufferer feel. What emotions does it cause? How does it make them feel physically? What impact does it have on their thought processes? Ask as many questions as possible, so that you can gain a better insight into the condition and its impact.

Unless you have a mental health condition, you will never quite understand what it’s like to live with one. However, the ideas above will help you to gain a better insight and understanding into what it’s like to have to cope with mental illness.


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