Healthy Living | 4 Supplements Any Workout Queen Should Try

Given the known benefits of exercise, it goes without saying that ensuring you’re at peak physical fitness is generally a good way of being. There’s plenty to be gained from keeping yourself at your best – but it would be unwise to think there’s nothing but good to be gained. In exchange for all the health-enriching properties of exercise, you also have to factor in the simple reality that sometimes, exercise is going to take a toll as well.

From blisters to sore and aching muscles; anyone who exercises knows that occasionally, there’s a price to pay for all that physical goodness. If you want to try and keep your regime as it is and help your body recover from your efforts, then you would be wise to consider supplementing with the following…

1) Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most essential nutrients in the body; there is not a single cellular process that magnesium is not somewhat involved with. Thanks to the depletion of soil quality, our food no longer contains the same levels of magnesium as it once did, so topping up is a good idea.

Tip: Ionic magnesium is better absorbed than an oral pill.

2) Collagen

Collagen is the building blocks of our body, helping us grow bone and cartilage, as well as keeping our skin elastic and our faces wrinkle-free. As we age, our natural collagen reserves are depleted. Not only can this lead to the dreaded wrinkles, but it also means it takes longer to recover from strenuous exercise. It is, therefore, a good idea to supplement collagen, so that you can do more for longer.

Tip: You can supplement collagen with over-the-counter pills, but also make your own bone broth for a cheap and easy solution.

3) Calcium

If you exercise regularly, then calcium is an essential nutrient to keep your bones tough through all the effort they’re enduring. If possible, avoid the thick, chalky calcium tablets you can buy over the counter as they tend to have a number of binding agents as well as the calcium you actually want. Plant based is a more natural way of ensuring you’ve optimal levels of this essential component.

Tip: If you’re concerned about the possibilities of supplements such as AlgaeCal plant calcium side effects, then research is favorable. As always, check with your doctor before taking a supplement to be sure, even when research seems to negate any concerns.

4) Fish Oil

Omegas 3 and 6 are beneficial for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the best argument for use when working out is how they impact elasticity of the body. Your joints take a battering if you regularly run or cycle, which fish oil could help reduce concerns of.

Tip: If you want to get the most from your fish oil, try fermented cod liver oil which, while more expensive, should see a drastic improvement in your health and performance.

Finally, while not a supplement as such, you should definitely be drinking plenty of water while exercising. This is a necessity; exercise makes you sweat, and you need to ensure you are replenishing that lost water and then some. By combining this with the methods above, you should have a better time in the gym and recover quicker from your exertions!


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