Music + Entertainment | What Makes Music So Good To Listen To?

Everyone loves a good bit of music no matter who they are, even if they don’t listen often. We hear it in the background of movies, series, and adverts. We hear it as often as we want with our own personal playlists or bang on the wall when the neighbor is too loud with theirs. However, what makes music so good to listen to? Since ancient times people have used their ears for recreation, and so here are a few ideas on why music is still so popular with us now.

It Brings Out Emotions In Us

Music can bring us up or down, with a lot of tears when a sad song comes in the worst times, and make us ready to face the day with some sunshine walking in the best times. No matter what music you’re listening to, your brain is hardwired to respond to it.

Music can even affect our perception of others. This is why it’s so effective in bringing us together. If we have a happy beat in our ears, we’re more likely to greet people with a smile. If we hear sad music, we feel sadder and see other people as sadder. Music is so powerful, and can be used to great effect at parties and hangouts to get people in the groove or your date ready for a good slow dance.

Because Vinyl’s Are Fun!

A lot of people may sometimes just listen to music because of the way it is presented. Some people may have a vinyl player in their house, and then setting it up with some crooning tunes in the background of a dinner or party is a great way to set the atmosphere. If you don’t have a record or vintage audio system then you can find more information across the web as that’s where you most likely to find a good system. It can be quite rare to have something so vintage yet trendy in your house, and people sometime fight tooth and nail to get one!

The Change In Energy Between Verses

We all like to feel a little dramatic, and pop stars have got that down to a brand. Energy mostly changes between verse and chorus, with a lot of songs slowing down right before the jump into the breathtaking high note the first line of the chorus has.

However, people have a preference for low and high tones, with both of these evoking a different reaction: our brains find low tones easier to process and get on with, which makes them incredibly soothing and is one of the theories behind white noise machines helping people drift off to sleep.

High tones on the other hand are more upbeat, and can ramp us up incredibly. Now when these all mesh together, we get a harmony that isn’t just random noise!

Having the experience of listening to music can change us as people in minor and major ways. You’re feeling down? Pop on a good track!


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