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Is Self-Styling Still Worth the Time + Effort?

One of the biggest decisions we have to make regarding our hair is the choice between DIY styling and visiting a salon. We either go for the simple but expensive solution of visiting a salon, or we take the DIY route and learn how to do it ourselves and invest money into all the tools and products required to style our own hair.

It’s unbelievable how many choices we have when it comes to at-home styling. We have access to a wide range of different style tools that even professional salons use, and with all the information available on the internet, it’s actually somewhat easy to learn how to style your own hair as well. Unfortunately, there’s no real right or wrong answer when it comes to DIY or salon, but we can talk about the differences and how to ultimately make a decision.

The Main Differences

There are a couple of differences that should be noted between the two.

For starters, visiting a salon will give you plenty more options. If you want to color your hair or style it in a particular way, then it’s best to look for a stylist that can help you accomplish those goals. They’re much harder to do on your own and having expert advice can prevent it from becoming a disaster.

On the other hand, if it’s simple trimming or washing your hair, then those day to day maintenance tasks should be done by yourself. If you notice your hair is getting long then learn how to trim it. If you need to style it through washing, then learn to wash it yourself and use a blow dryer. However, if you want to do things like color your hair, then it will take a couple of extra products and tools to get the desired results.

Use Them Both

Some people treat visits to the salon as a way to pamper yourself. Doing your own hair takes a lot of time, effort and money, so why not let someone else do your hair for you? Even if you prefer to do your hair yourself, there’s nothing quite like letting a professional give you the desired results that you’re looking for. It takes less time, it allows you to interact with and get to know your stylist, and it’s a lot more fun than doing it yourself (most of the time).

On the other hand, self-styling involves a lot of discipline, effort and time to get correctly. The first couple of times you try to style your own hair you’re going to encounter some issues. In particular, you’re going to mess up a couple of time and you’re going to waste or overuse products that you don’t need to. Thankfully, that’s all part of the learning experience of learning to style your own hair and it’s something you need to go through in order to learn.

As you can see, there’s a reason for picking both. There’s really no need to choose between the two; you can just use whatever is more convenient for you.