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Framing Heart-Shaped Faces

If you need glasses, you should wear them for the sake of your eye health. But a lot of women don’t because they think they make them look goofy or unattractive, and because they don’t like the idea of putting contact lenses in their eyes, they put their eye-health and future sight at risk. This is such a silly thing to do, not least because the right pair of glasses can frame your face and make you look even more beautiful than you already do!

If you have a heart-shaped face, here’s how to choose a pair of glasses that will flatter you:  

Frames that are Bottom-heavy

When you’re at the eye center, don’t waste your time on glasses that are top heavy, and concentrate on those which are thicker at the bottom because these are the ones that will frame your face most effectively.

Bottom-heavy frames give the illusion of width a to the bottom part of your face, which balances you out nicely and avoids the ‘five-head- problem that the wrong pair of glasses can create.

Always Oval

Frames which are oval-shaped help to take attention away from pointy chins, which is something many women with a heart-shaped face will have. They do this by really drawing the focus towards your eyes and making the lower part of your face less prominent. If your eyes are one of your best features, you’ll definitely want to work some oval frames.

Frames with Low-Set Temples

Glasses that have temples which are set lower than average are good for heart-shaped faces because they draw the eye downwards, making the forehead appear less prominent and your face in more proportion. This is a good example of how glasses can really enhance your looks rather than take away from them like so many women think they do.

Frames Without Rims

Rimless frames are good for those of you who are really self-conscious about wearing glasses and how they will work with your heart-shaped face because, well. They’re pretty minimal, and they draw very little attention to them at all. The same is true to a lesser extent of frames in light colors like peach, beige and even, depending on your complexion, gold. So if you’d prefer a bit of a rim, that’s a good option for you too.

The Pair You’re Like the Most

Of course, the best pair of glasses for framing your heart-shaped face is the pair you love and with which you’re most comfortable, so although using the tips in this post is a good starting point for you, don’t be afraid to try on as many pairs of glasses as you can to see what works for you and buy accordingly. There are even some apps which will let you ‘try out’ various glasses styles by uploading your photo, and these can be very useful for working out which glasses enhance your looks and which do nothing for you.

Whatever you do, don’t go without those glasses, you’ll regret it one day if you do!