Spotlight On: Strength Training For Women

Even in the enlightened world of 2017, most of us tend to associate the idea of strength training with men. It’s men who spend their time at the gym pumping iron, flexing their strength, delighting in their bulging muscles. In fact, when women do show off muscled physiques, they can find themselves on the receiving end of abuse for not looking “feminine” enough. For this reason alone, many women shy away from strength training, out of fear that well-toned muscles will make them look too manly.

This is a real shame, because strength training doesn’t need to be about gender at all. Instead, it’s healthier to focus on the benefits of strength training– of which there are many. Strength is always beautiful; working on your body to ensure optimum health is always beautiful. Strength training is a key part of a good workout regime, so if you think you want to dive on in and give it a go, here’s what you need to know.

Strength Training Burns Calories

If running isn’t your thing and the idea of cycling to nowhere on a stationary bike doesn’t thrill you, then how can you burn calories effectively? The answer is simple: strength training, which burns almost as many calories per half hour as running does. So not only will strength training tone your muscles, but it could also speed up your metabolism and make losing weight easier.

Strength Training Is Good For Your Bones

When we’re young, few of us pay much attention to our bones. They’re there, so… that’s kind of it. We don’t think about them unless they break, which barring catastrophic accidents, they don’t. However, later in life, our bones can weaken, leading to thousands of women needing to search for supplements, browsing reviews of AlgaeCal Plus and talking to their doctor in an effort to try and rectify the years of neglect of bone health. The best way to prevent having to worry about frail bones in later life is to strength train throughout the rest of your life. Bones need exercise, they need resistance, they need to be made to work if they’re going to be healthy throughout your life. Strength training is the perfect antidote to a retirement blighted by osteoporosis and other bone issues.

Strength Training Tightens Loose Skin

Loose skin is an annoyance for many women. The problem can occur for a variety of reasons; weight loss, pregnancy, and just getting older can all cause skin to lose its elasticity. Strength training will help to tone this skin, shaping it and tightening it, instantly improving its appearance.

Strength Training Is Inexpensive

If you want to get started with strength training, you don’t have to set up an entire home gym or spend a fortune on a personal trainer to be able to strength train. All you need is something heavy, that you can comfortably lift with one hand, and then you’re good to go.

Given the myriad benefits to strength training, adding it into your workout regime could make a real difference to life and body. There’s so much beauty to be found in strength, so enjoy your hard-earned muscles– and all the other health benefits that strength training can bring to you.