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Skin Care Faux Pas That Will Damage Your Skin

Most of us do have a skincare routine that we stick to, which combines a selection of steps that we stick to day in, day out. This may be a super simple routine or a more complex one; it depends on how you like to take care of your skin. However, regardless of what your skincare routine consists of, the chances are that like most of us, you are making some mistakes with how you take care of your skin. Bearing that in mind, below is a guide to some of the most common skincare faux pas that we tend to make, and tips for improving your skincare routine and achieving better skin as a result.

Failing to remove your makeup

If you forget to remove your makeup after a mad night on the town, you can easily be forgiven. It’s a mistake that many of us make from time to time – getting drunk and sleeping with our makeup on. However, if you routinely sleep with your makeup on, then this is somewhat of a problem. You see when you sleep with your makeup on it allows free radicals that have become trapped in it, to damage your skin, making you more prone to various skin problems such as acne, as well as premature aging. That is why it is so important that you remove your makeup every single night before bed so that you aren’t allowing your pores to become clogged and enlarged or your skin to be damaged by free radicals. A word to the wise, when it comes to choosing a cleanser, opting for something natural that contains witch hazel, salicylic acid and antioxidants is a must. Whatever you do, don’t use cleansing wipes, always use cotton wool and a liquid or gel cleanser.

Going mad with the exfoliator

Another common skincare faux pas is over exfoliating your skin. For some reason we love to over buff our skin, removing too many layers and causing soreness and redness. However, when we over exfoliate, we remove the skin’s top protective layer, which can cause all kinds of skin problems. The older you get, the more you will need to exfoliate your skin. Why? Because as you age, your skin sheds dead and dry skin cells less frequently, meaning that you need to exfoliate to allow new, healthy skin to appear. Otherwise, your skin can become dull and lifeless. It is recommended that in your twenties you exfoliate once to twice a week, in your thirties twice a week and in your forties and beyond two to four times a week, depending on your skin. In terms of what exfoliators are best to use, resources like can be useful. Or, if you would prefer to go DIY, you can always opt to make your exfoliating scrub yourself, using sea salt, sugar, or ground nut shells.

Sleeping on a cotton pillow

Did you know that when you press your face into your pillow, it causes damage to the skin? Cotton pillows can cause permanent creases in the skin to appear, which are linked to collagen breakdown. However, by swapping from a cotton pillow to a silk pillow, you can make these issues much less likely. This is because a silk pillow causes less trauma to the skin, and makes fine lines occurring due to your pillow much less likely.

Forgetting to wear sunscreen

The fact is that sunscreen isn’t just something that you should be wearing when out at the beach, it’s something that you should be wearing every single day. Why? Because even on colder, cloudy days, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still have an impact on your skin, causing sun damage. Each day apply sunscreen before doing anything else – ideally, you want to wear protection that is 30 SPF or higher, to ensure that your skin has all the protection that it needs. Unless you want your skin to age prematurely, it is vital that you are wearing sunscreen every day. Whether it’s an actual sunscreen that you use or a moisturizer or foundation that comes with a built-in SPF, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that your skin is properly protected. For a guide to the best moisturizers with SPF, resources like can be useful.

Using dirty makeup brushes

Far too many of us fail to clean out makeup brushes regularly enough. The truth is that dirty makeup brushes can cause serious damage to your skin, resulting in acne, blemishes, and even early onset aging. The last thing that you want is to be applying dirt and oil with your makeup, right? That’s why cleaning your brushes on a regular basis – at least once a week – is so important. Invest in a good brush cleanser and cleansing pad, and ensure that your brushes are kept as clean as possible. Do this, and your skin will thank you for it.

Not moisturizing enough

When you don’t moisturize your skin, you are letting it dry out. The problem with letting your skin dry out is the fact that it not only causes dry, sore skin, but it can also mean that you will age earlier because moisturizer is key for filling in fine lines and smoothing the skin. When we fail to keep our skin hydrated, it has an impact and can cause all kinds of problems. For healthy, happy skin, it pays to moisturize twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening with a moisturizer that is natural and free from perfumes and additives. Your skin doesn’t need a rose-scented moisturizer to look and feel good, what it needs is regular deep hydration from a quality face cream.

There you have it, a guide to the many skincare faux pas that may be damaging your skin. For skin that is healthier and happier, and less prone to premature aging, take note of the tips and advice above, and implement them in your daily life, to give your skin a beauty boost. Often, we do things to our skin that we don’t even realize are damaging it, which is why understanding what it takes to achieve healthier skin is so important.