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Younger, Healthier Looking Skin Made Simple

Younger looking skin is something that we would probably all like to have. When your skin looks good, you not only look healthier, but you probably are too, because many of the things that make your skin appear youthful and radiant are pretty good for your general health too.

Unfortunately, many of us spend way too much money on way too many skin care products that don’t really do much when there are so many more simpler things we can do to improve the way our skin looks. Here are a few of them:

Eat Clean

We all know that eating a healthy diet is good for our waistline, and out general health, but did you know that it’s really important for your skin too? You see, healthy whole foods, and particularly fruits, vegetables and fish or nuts that contain omega-3s quite literally feed your skin from the inside out, maintaining it’s elasticity and giving you a healthy glow that it’s pretty hard to fake.

Stay Hydrated

A good way to get younger looking skin is to have really good facial fillers, but if that isn’t an option,  try drinking more water. Approximately 65 percent of the body is made up of water, and not getting enough of it can make the skin look dull, dry and ‘lifeless’. If you drink between 8 and ten glasses of water each day, your skin will look immediately plumper and more radiant, which will help you to look younger.

Use Rosewater

Instead of all of those expensive lotions and potions, you use to cleanse and tone, switch to rosewater, which is a well-known anti-inflammatory, which will unclog your pores, reduce any redness (especially around the eyes) and give you a healthy glow. Pure rosewater with no added ingredients is best.

Slap on the Sunscreen

It’s pretty obvious, but wearing sunscreen every day is important. Not only will it help to prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and sunspots, but it will help to protect you against skin cancer too, and I don’t need to tell you just how important that is.

Sleep More

If you want to look like you’ve just undergone a rejuvenating skin procedure without actually having to do so, then start getting more sleep. Your skin will immediately start to look less dull and sullen, and because your body will have adequate time to repair itself, you’ll look a lot more youthful too.

Say No to Sulfates

If you’re using skin care products that contain sulfates, get rid of them. They strip the skin of the natural oils that give it a healthy radiant glow, making it flaky, scaly and older looking than it really should, The more natural the products you put on the skin, the better you’ll age.

Use a Satin Pillow

Sleeping on a satin pillow will prevent moisture being soaked up from your face, and it will prevent the ‘drag’ factor that can cause lines and wrinkles to the face. They’re pretty comfy too.

With just a few simple changes to your skin care routine, you can look, younger, healthier and more vibrant than you have in a long time.