8 Collars Types For Dogs

Dog’s collar is an essential accessory. The dog feels happy when the master wears it around his neck. The dog thinks that the collar is a grade or something great given by his master. If the master brings a new collar to replace the old one, the dog voluntarily gives his neck to replace. It also identifies his old collar and keeps it aside. Apart from the dog’s thoughts, wrapping the collar around his neck is to handle him by the master. The dog controls himself when the master pulls his collar.

Flat Collar:

It is made up of nylon and leather. It accompanies a buckle that you can easily fasten or loosen comfortably. People use the collaris used in clicker training for kindergarten puppies.

Slip Collar:

It is made up of metal links or rolled materials, such as nylon, leather, etc. It is mostly used in the UK and North America. Users commonly call it a choke chain or checks chain.

Martingale Collar:

It is made up of flat nylon with smaller fixed length section. When the leash pulls it on, it shortens up tightening the collar to the limited extent around the neck. It is commonly called a limited-slip collar.

Prongs Collar:

It is made up of chain links with blunted open ends that turned towards the neck. It is called as ‘pinch collar.’ An owner needs to tie it near the ears of the dog. Low-quality collars puncture the skin and hurt.

Electronic Collar:

Some also call it an “E-collar.” A handler operates the control device that transmits a remote signal. This technique remains a source of controversy.


The leash is made up of nylon, leather or metal. It is used to connect the dog with the handler. The handler leads and controls the dog especially in urban areas. Length of the leashes differs from shorter to longer. The owners use the strap at a six-foot range for walking and in training. A long line or lunge line with three meters or more in length is used in the training period.

Head halter: Head halter is another type of dog collar that works similar to a horse halter. It fits behind its head and reduces the pet’s ability to pull on the leash. It may cause neck injury in dogs when used with a sharp jerk. If the head halter is used in the correct form, it will not cause any harm to the dogs.

Dog Bite Tugs:

One uses it in training period for puppies as well as adult dogs. It acts as a tool for developing skills. It best suits with puppies.

Designer Collar:

There are designer collars made of nylon or leather for fashion lovers. You can visit this site for Hunting Dog Collar Reviews.

The master controls the speed of his enthusiastic dog from chasing any other animals or human beings. The collar with the leash helps the owner to have his pet near him while taking a walk. Dog collars are given to the dogs in training period.