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How to Meet Your Important Goals When You’re a Mom

Sticking to your life goals is not always easy, and it can be even harder when you have children. Making the most of life is crucial if you want to stay happy and have quality time with your children, but part of you being content is fulfilling some of those goals you have set yourself.

Stay Focused

You could have a whole list of goals you have set for yourself. It could be that you want to lose some weight, get fitter, complete a masters of engineering management online, learn to waltz, find out how to crochet, decorate your kitchen, write a book and a whole host of other things.

The secret is to stay focused on one thing at a time, or you will end up achieving none of them. Start with something simple, and once you have dome that it will spur you on to try the next.

Use A Calendar

You need to put time aside to work at your goals, and you should treat that time like anything else in your life, even if you have a lot of mom duties to deal with. Mark on a calendar the day you have chosen, and how long for. Mark it down for the next few weeks so that you do not arrange to do something at that time. Your time is important, and no matter which of your goals you are aiming for, it will help to relax you and make you feel more alert.

Get Other People Involved

Whether it is in an online forum or with one of your friends, getting other people involved in what you are trying to do can be a big help. You can get support from them, and they can assist you to keep to the timetable you have set yourself.

You may even find that they have similar goals to you, and then you can help each other to reach them.

Swap Child Minding

If you need someone to watch a young child while you go to the gym, for instance, find a mother among your friends with a similar problem. Then you can swap child minding and help each other out for a couple of hours a week, and that could be a problem solved for both of you.

In fact, in some areas, like-minded mothers have set up groups involving several of them, so that most days there is someone available to watch a child or two while their moms do other things. Don’t forget though, you will have to do your share of child minding too.


Each time you achieve a goal, celebrate the fact that you have. It is no easy task running a home, maybe doing a job and trying to reach your life goals. You should be proud of yourself each time you manage one, celebrate with your partner or some friends.

The hardest part of reaching any goal is getting started in the first place.  If a goal seems a long way off, split it into smaller chunks so that it does not seem so unattainable.