Lifestyle | Leave the Beach Where it Belongs

If you’re a beach regular, but you hate getting sand in places you don’t want it, it sounds like you could benefit from a sand free beach towel. Tesalate towels are sand free, ultra absorbent, light, compact, and dry quickly.

If you have been looking for the perfect companion for the beach, the pool, or the yoga studio, look no further than this radiant, full-size solution to your pesky sand problem. You’ll enjoy your trip without being uncomfortable afterward.


The Tesalate sand free beach towel is a full 63×31 inches. That means it can fit most grown men. It’s plenty big enough to allow you to lounge comfortably on top while absorbing enough water and sweat to keep you dry.


The variety of vibrant colors means you can find the perfect one for you and your whole family. They are masculine and feminine colours and designs so you can all have your own. No sharing here!

Sand Free

The best thing about the Tesalate towel is that it features AbsorbLite engineering that won’t attract sand. It slips right off, meaning you don’t have to mess with the brushing, shaking, rinsing, and hassle of cleaning your towel off when you’re done. Leave the beach where it belongs!

Absorbent and Rapid Dry

Your Tesalate towel can hold almost a litre of water, so you can dry off more efficiently. When you’re dry, your towel will also dry in half the time of a regular towel, so you can fold it up and go home without the sandy, soggy mess you would typically have. Win/win.


The Tesalate beach towel folds up quickly in a compact package, making it light and convenient for almost any trip, both near and far. Throw it in your beach tote or your suitcase and take it anywhere!

Tesalate’s variety of stunning designs will outfit your family with a sand free beach towel for everyone, so you can have fun and stress-free trips to the beach. It’s the perfect companion so you can enjoy the sand between your toes instead of between, well, other things.