Lifestyle | Find the Best Ways to Relax This Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a happy time, and it is – most of the time. It can get pretty stressful too, whether it’s because you have so much to do or you have to spend time with family members who are difficult to get along with. If you find that it gets to be […]

In Case You Missed It | NO MAYO’s Make-Shift Gallery Event Was An Incredible Success‏‏

Thursday, May 12, Brooklyn, New York based creative clothing company, NO MAYO hosted an entirely dope Make-Shift Gallery Event: “How Much Does 10000 Hours Cost?” While paying homage to Malcolm Gladwell’s famous 10,000 hour rule, the place was packed with creatives + artists of all sorts, different backgrounds, travelers and locals from all five New […]

NO MAYO Make Shift Gallery FREE Event: “How Much Does 10000 Hours Cost?” (Brooklyn, NY)‏

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Press Inquiry – PSLOVECHARLI PR Brooklyn, New York (May 8, 2016)   Yo! If you’re pretty artsy, you know… one of the cool kids + livin’ in the NYC area, then this is for you. I’d like to introduce to you to my newest client, triple talented + creative clothing brand, NO MAYO. […]

Music + Entertainment | Macy Gray: A Musician Born Interesting

Some people were just born interesting. Macy Gray is one of those people. Everywhere she goes and everything she does, you just know Macy will always go her own way. She makes her own decisions, she admits to her own mistakes and she is just one of the coolest as well as the quirkiest artists […]

Kevin Costner Discusses ‘Black & White’ Movie, Blended Families + Race: “It’s really important how you talk at the dinner table.”‏

Growing up in Compton, Calif., Kevin Costner learned a few things about race — and some of those things, he made a conscious effort to unlearn. The 60-year-old actor and father stars in and produced “Black or White,” a PG-13 film about a grandfather who is suddenly left to care for his biracial granddaughter. When […]

Celebrity Interview | The Star Cast Of “Drumline: A New Beat” Talks About Movie + Character Challenges

With large success following the TLC biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, VH1 is on a roll with original films. I had the pleasure of catching up with a few cast members of new VH1 movie, “Drumline: A New Beat” while they were promoting at this year’s Howard University Homecoming game. Alexandra Shipp, Letoya Luckett and […]

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About the Cultural Importance of ABC’s “Black-ish”

“When I was introduced to the title, I was introduced to the script. This family is dealing with their ‘ish’ and this family is a black family.” – Tracee Ellis Big hair & big smiles fill Larry King’s studios as guest host Janet Mock finds a BFF in Tracee Ellis Ross on the latest episode […]

Interview | Kit Williamson Talks “Mad Men” Role & New Project, “EastSiders”

Another star has found his way on PSLoveCharli’s entertainment radar! Kit Williamson returned to AMC’s final season of “Mad Men” as Ed Gifford which premiered on April 13. Additionally, Kit is best known for the award winning web series “EastSiders” that premiered on and will begin shooting a second season this summer. Kit wrote, directed […]

Lifetime Releases Trailer For “The Gabby Douglas Story” Biopic – Premieres Feb. 1

And here it is… a biopic movie one surely does not want to miss. Lifetime has released a one-minute trailer for the biopic that’s set for a world premiere on Saturday evening, February 1. The trailer details the key figures in Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas’ life while growing up to become one of the […]

Get To Know Hollywood’s Newest Breakout Star, Lupita Nyong’o

It’s definitely award’s season — and we know that to be true from this new Hollywood star who has graced magazine pages and covers, stunned us on the Golden Globes’ red carpet, and grabbed our complete attention in breakout film, 12 Years A Slave. That’s right, I’ve been completely swooning over Lupita Nyong’o. But you […]

Parenting + Motherhood | 5 Easy Nesting Nursery DIYs

When you find out you’re expecting a baby, besting is a natural part of the experience. Suddenly you want to clear out, redecorate and get cosy ready for the new arrival. A big part of that is creating your child’s nursery. It’s the first step towards getting ready for your new family and creating a […]

Lifestyle | The Importance of Creating a Bucket List

The Importance of Creating a Bucket List Having a healthy balance in life is one of the best feelings you can have. Although downtime and relaxation are necessary sometimes, you also want to make sure that your life is meaningful and that you accomplish the goals you want to achieve. A bucket list is the […]

Love + Relationships | Get ahead In 2018 With These Dating Tips!

The dating landscape has changed tremendously. An old practice that we value has been changed by new dating practices. It does not mean that we just shove those old dating tips taught to us by our parents. It can still be incorporated to develop your rock-star dating list for the year 2018. This is a […]