Food + Nutrition | How To Read A Label + Healthy Eating Tips

You guessed it. I am back on the fitness tip. I don’t know… somewhere between “oh I’ve got dedication” and traveling to and from my beloved home state of Mississippi over the summer… I slowed down — and down some more. And trust, when you travel to the south, and your southern cookin’ grandmother lives […]

Love & Relationships | What Exactly Does Having An “Open Relationship” Mean?

What is an “open relationship”? I’ve been seriously pondering over what that means. It’s a term that carries so much ambiguity—completely relative and subjective. I have personally rendered many definitions to no avail. I’m still completely confused. So here’s what Google is really good for: really ridiculous queries that you’d feel stupid or embarrassed to ask someone else. The results, […]

Yoga 101 | Lifestyle: Best Easy-To-Do Poses For Headaches [Pictures]

After waking up this morning with puffy eyes + dark circles, I was lucky enough to run up on these simple tips for relaxation and relief from headaches. Given that I stayed up all night tossing and turning — needless to say, that also resulted in waking up to a terrible headache. “Yoga helps to […]

Good Eats | Health Tips: 5 Foods We Should Start Eating Already

Admit it. We all tend to stray away from the things we “need” in our life versus all of the things we “want”. Especially when it comes to food! Some food items are just way too hard to let go of.  And then some… are just super hard to even think about intaking. Likeee: Eggs […]

From the Editor | Black Women Are Getting Back To Their Nappy Roots With Pride (Featured Video)

I can remember the very day I began this “blissful journey”… back in ’08, during my junior year of college… I got back to my natural roots. I had a strong feeling that I would end up on the east coast for graduate school, and at the time, I became obsessed with how women wore […]

Life Coaching | The Three Keys to Loving Life Now

What is love? Love is the all encompassing energy, in which all is accepted and healed. Most of us know what it feels to be loved, even if it was only for a short time. Even better still, we know what it means to love something, anything, no matter how big or small. Imagine truly […]

Good News | School Reserves Graduation Seat For Student Who Lost Battle To Cancer

“A friend of mine lost his life to cancer back in [the] 8th grade. This is the year he would be graduating. They reserved a seat for him.“ This is what childhood friend, Eldarz (Reddit) wrote in the caption of a heartfelt photo that went viral moments before the graduation. In the photo, a picture of a […]

GUEST WRITER | “Six Vegetables You Should Eat In Summer For Glory Skin”

Vegetables are extremely important for daily diet. There are wide selections of vegetables which are available during different times of the years. During summer, people tend to have more vegetables than meat and egg. This is because summer vegetables have water content and help the body to remain cool and fight the heat. Vegetables also […]

In Her Beauty Closet: “Spot Or Not – Getting Rid of Dark Spots” + Scarinex

Sooooo everyone wants perfect skin, right? No acne, no discoloration, no dark marks. Sounds impossible, but it’s very possible. I constantly stress that taking care of your skin by developing a daily skin regimen is vital to developing and maintaining beautiful skin. So as usual, I am my own test subject. Sounds scary, but I […]

[Hair Pictures] Loc Baby: It’s Been 3 Months For My Babies!

3 months in… let the frustration of wanting to give up kick in. Go ahead, try me, immature babies! I bet I won’t. Sigh, okay so the frizz is still here but not a major problem, I’m learning to adjust for this short time period. If I could give some advice for this stage, it […]

Parenting + Motherhood | 5 Easy Nesting Nursery DIYs

When you find out you’re expecting a baby, besting is a natural part of the experience. Suddenly you want to clear out, redecorate and get cosy ready for the new arrival. A big part of that is creating your child’s nursery. It’s the first step towards getting ready for your new family and creating a […]

Lifestyle | The Importance of Creating a Bucket List

The Importance of Creating a Bucket List Having a healthy balance in life is one of the best feelings you can have. Although downtime and relaxation are necessary sometimes, you also want to make sure that your life is meaningful and that you accomplish the goals you want to achieve. A bucket list is the […]

Love + Relationships | Get ahead In 2018 With These Dating Tips!

The dating landscape has changed tremendously. An old practice that we value has been changed by new dating practices. It does not mean that we just shove those old dating tips taught to us by our parents. It can still be incorporated to develop your rock-star dating list for the year 2018. This is a […]