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Attention all entrepreneurs, freelancers, businesses, and blossoming bloggers! PSLOVECHARLI.COM is excited to help your brand reach our audience! We make that happen in FIVE different ways: featured ads, product reviews, contest giveaway, sponsored blog posts, + IN-TEXT Ads!

For More Information, Please View Our Media Kit PSLOVECHARLI MEDIAKIT 2015

We promote through ALL of our social media platforms to ensure we reach a varied and active audience.



PSLoveCharliPR NOW accepts music submissions! ALL MUSIC GENRES. You MUST have a soundcloud link to your record/album WITH cover art. Unfortunately, due to the large number of music submissions, not every submission will be honored. The submissions that are accepted, will get published in the Music + Entertainment section on this website.

To submit your music, please email charli[at]pslovecharli[dot]com and Include the following in email:

  • the soundcloud link that directs to your single or album/mixtape.
  • Biography
  • 1-2 photos of artist
  • Social media links

**For artists that need additional promotion or PR representation, PSLoveCharliPR also offers a small promotional package. With the package, your music, a short bio and social media links will be sent through an email blast (reaching about 500 bloggers) and will also get uploaded on our social media platforms (see statistics).

Options are as followed:

  • For LONGTERM PR Services — please refer to PSLoveCharliPR


Thanks so much for your interest and look forward to working with you!




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